Don't Do This When Using Yelan Genshin Impact

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Yelan Genshin Impact is one of the most effective and powerful supports in the game. But it's best to avoid this mistake when using Yelan Genshin Impact.

The Yelan banner is one of the best selling banners in Genshin Impact right now. It is undeniable, this new Hydro character is one of the most effective and powerful supports in the game. But it's best to avoid this mistake when using Yelan Genshin Impact.

Error When Using Yelan Genshin Impact

He is the newest hydro bow user character released in Genshin Impact 2.7. Have you managed to withdraw and get it? Because since its release a few days ago, it has become the favorite choice of many players in Genshin Impact.

However, as a relatively new character, there are still many players who haven't been able to maximize their potential. Even some also seem to make a lot of fatal mistakes when using this character. So if you don't want to be one of them, please refer to the following discussion.

Ignore Energy Refill

Yelan Genshin Impact

Even though Yelan Genshin Impact is a support off the court, most of his damage comes from his elemental explosions. Therefore, players should focus on building energy replenishment for Yelan instead of using weapons and artifacts for his Crit Rate of ATK.

Then, he would always have enough energy to charge and use elemental explosions. To increase his energy recharge rate, you can use him in your Raiden Shogun team or use the appropriate artifacts and weapons for him, such as the Emblem artifact set and the Elegy bow for End.

He is an off-field DPS character whose damage really depends on elemental burst. So it was very important to ensure that he had the opportunity to cast elemental bursts when needed. And this of course will require high energy recharge. 

Build ATK

Yelan Genshin Impact

All of Yelan Genshin Impact's abilities depend on her HP, from normal attacks, charge attacks, and elemental skills, to elemental explosions. Therefore, all the weapons and artifacts with the ATK buff were useless for him. Moreover, this Hydro character doesn't get a buff from the talents of Bennett and Sara.

Better to focus on replenishing his energy for more frequent elemental explosions or increasing his HP status. Raiden and him are a powerful pair on the pitch now that Raiden's kit bugs are fixed.

Many don't understand that all of his abilities depend on scaling his HP. So artifacts, substrates or weapons that increase ATK would be of no use to him. So it would be better to build other aspects that are more profitable for Yelan Genshin Impact.

Use it as DPS in the field

Yelan Genshin Impact

Another fatal error when using Yelan Genshin Impact is to use him as a DPS on the field. If you focus on his ATK level, you can't build up his HP and Energy Recharge rate.

Then, it made all of his active abilities, elemental skills, and elemental explosions weaker. His damage also dropped dramatically when he became a DPS on the field. So just keep him in a sub-DPS role off the field.

As previously mentioned, Yelan is an off field character type with hydro scaling damage based on HP. And if you want to be the main DPS, then we have to use ATK or physical items.

But then again, the ATK stats didn't help Yelan much. So it can be said that this character is not suitable for playing DPS and is better off just being a Sub DPS.

Underestimating his Co-Op Ability

Yelan Genshin Impact

Many players underestimate Yelan's co-op abilities. He is considered a 5-star version of Xingqiu. However players complain that he is less effective when supporting the Hydro element for Hu Tao.

In fact, the damage gap between Hu Tao with Xingqiu and Xingqiu with him is not very big. So, Yelan is still useful in the Pyro Hutao, Klee, and Yelan team.

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Forgetting the Second Passive Talent

Yelan Genshin Impact

One of the most common mistakes when using it is losing its passive aptitude. This Hydro character has a very strong passive talent – Turn Control. This is a buff for his attack damage.

When he casts his blast, the character on the field takes an insane 50 percent damage when this talent is unlocked. Don't waste this buff on support and healers in the field. You should let him increase the damage of the main DPS, such as Hu Tao, Diluc, and Raiden Shogun.

He had a very powerful fourth ascension passive skill. When Yelan's elemental burst is active, characters on the field will deal 3-5 percent more damage every second.

And at the end of the duration the bonus given can reach 50 percent. However, it should be underlined that this effect only applies to active characters on the field. So it would be better if you maximize your main character's DPS when the elemental burst is active.

No 4-Element Team Build

Yelan Genshin Impact
Builds 4

Many players try to build a team with four elements in Yelan's team to increase his HP because of his passive talent. But it's less effective than building a team with stronger elemental reactions or a team with more DPS characters that can resonate or react more often.

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For example, you can buff the HP of a 4-element team and invest in the total damage of the whole team with Geo Zhongli and Albedo resonance.

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