Recommended 100 Cool FF Names for New Unisex!

Recommendations for 100 cool FF names that can be used for Unisex (girls and boys): Shadow Blaze | Phoenix Rider | Nebula Storm | Echo Knight.
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Free Fire Characters. Source: Garena

As one of the games battle royale from Garena It has been played a lot, namely Free Fire always provides an exciting experience to its players. One of them is thinking about names and in this article we will discuss 100 cool FF names that are suitable for your character.

As we know, choosing a cool FF name is one of the important reasons for branding players and characters in this battle royale game.

The name in this game is not only a means of identification or identity, but this name is also used as a weapon or strength for the players or our opponents.

Apart from that, the name FF can be used as a basis for players' self-confidence to be able to improve as the game progresses and they become braver in facing their opponents there.

Actually, choosing a cool FF name is not only used for male players, but can also be used by female players, which gives a mysterious, strong and tough impression.

Many players create their FF names to give a unique impression and be easier for players and opponents to remember.

As one of the strategies in creating a cool FF name, the aim is to scare the opponents who will face us during the match and to make it easier to intimidate our opponents, especially by using a profile photo that looks scary.

The thing you need to pay attention to when creating an FF name is that it must have a special meaning, sound rare and unique because no one has used it yet.

So, in this article we will give you 100 cool FF names for girls or boys that you can use to strengthen your character during matches.

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100 Cool FF Names

100 cool ff names (1)
Free Fire Characters. Source: Garena

The following are recommendations for 100 cool FF names that can be used for Unisex (girls and boys). Just choose a name that you think is good and cool!

  1. Shadow Blaze
  2. Phoenix Rider
  3. Nebula Storm
  4. Echo Knight
  5. ThunderStrike
  6. Mystic Flame
  7. Raven Claw
  8. Vortex Blade
  9. Blaze Hunter
  10. Frost Nova
  11. Solar Flares
  12. Iron Phantoms
  13. Lunar Eclipse
  14. Solar Viper
  15. Midnight Reapers
  16. Ember Fury
  17. Titan Force
  18. Dragon Wraith
  19. Ghost Rogue
  20. NovaShadow
  21. Specter Wave
  22. Starlight Arrow
  23. Tempest Warden
  24. Zenith Rides
  25. Quasar Knight
  26. Infinity Blade
  27. Shadow Hawk
  28. Celestial Wolf
  29. Thunder Pulse
  30. Mystic Echo
  31. Raven Shade
  32. Vortex Warrior
  33. Blaze Phantom
  34. Frostbite
  35. Solar Knight
  36. Iron Flare
  37. Lunar Ghost
  38. Crystal Blaze
  39. Midnight Hunter
  40. Ember Storm
  41. Titan Wraith
  42. Dragon Phantom
  43. Ghost Blaze
  44. Nova Warrior
  45. Specter Knight
  46. Starlight Blade
  47. Tempest Rogue
  48. Zenith Phantom
  49. Quasar Shadow
  50. Infinity Knight
  51. Shadow Nova
  52. Celestial Hawk
  53. Thunder Warden
  54. Mystic Wraith
  55. Raven Echo
  56. Vortex Storm
  57. BlazeShadow
  58. Frost Phantoms
  59. Solar Warriors
  60. Iron Hunter
  61. Lunar Knight
  62. Crystal Storm
  63. Midnight Echo
  64. Ember Knight
  65. Titan Storm
  66. Dragon Knights
  67. Ghost Storm
  68. Nova Hunter
  69. Specter Warden
  70. Starlight Knight
  71. Tempest Hunter
  72. Zenith Echo
  73. Quasar Warden
  74. InfinityShadow
  75. Shadow Warriors
  76. Celestial Knights
  77. Thunder Echo
  78. Mystic Hunter
  79. Raven Storm
  80. Vortex Knight
  81. Blaze Echo
  82. Frost Knight
  83. Solar Echo
  84. Iron Storm
  85. Lunar Warriors
  86. Crystal Knight
  87. Midnight Storm
  88. Echo Bucket
  89. Titan Knight
  90. Dragon Echo
  91. Ghost Knight
  92. Nova Knight
  93. Specter Storm
  94. Starlight Echo
  95. Tempest Knight
  96. Zenith Storm
  97. Quasar Echo
  98. Infinity Storm
  99. Shadow Knights
  100. Celestial Echo
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How to Change Free Fire Name

100 cool ff names (2)
Free Fire Characters. Source: Garena

The following are the steps to change your Free Fire name on your account. Just follow the easy steps below, OK!

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire or Free Fire Max on your cellphone;
  • Step 2: Click the Free Fire Account Profile section;
  • Step 3: In the Top Right Corner, there is the Name Free Fire;
  • Step 4: Click the icon to the right of the Free Fire name;
  • Step 5: A Dialog Box will appear and enter your Free Fire Name;
  • Step 6: Provide Diamonds (360 Diamonds);
  • Step 7: Or you can also Exchange Item "Name Change Card";
  • Step 8: Click the button below;
  • Step 9: Done and your FF name has been changed.
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So, those are the recommendations for 100 cool FF names that you can use for your Free Fire character. So, which name do you want to try using?

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