Karakin PUBG Vs Miramar: Which Map Is Best For Push Rank?

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Alright Miramar PUBG nor Karakin PUBG has desert terrain. But which map is better for push rank? Let's compare Karakin vs Miramar PUBG and choose which is better for push rank.

PUBG Mobile has many maps for push rank. Both Miramar PUBG and Karakin PUBG have desert terrain. But which map is better for push rank? Let's compare the Karakin PUBG vs Miramar map and choose which is better for push rank.

Comparison of Karakin PUBG Vs Miramar

Push Rank

PUBG Miramar

PUBG's Karakin and Miramar have desert biomes with sparse vegetation, bare rocks, and yellow soil.

But PUBG's Karakin map has fewer houses which are smaller and lesser than the houses and compounds in Miramar. Apart from that, PUBG's Miramar map is much bigger than PUBG's Karakin. Therefore, there were more houses and shelters in Miramar than in Karakin.

Karakin PUBG itself is a desert nuanced map. It's just that, the size is much smaller, which is 2×2 km like the Livik map. Miramar itself measures 8×8 km. Because it's small, Tencent has adjusted the number of players in this map to a maximum of 64 players instead of 100 players.

Also, there are no vehicles in Karakin due to the small size of the map. However, vehicles are very important in Miramar because they are so big.

In addition, matches on Karakin are shorter with quick fights. You also have more opportunities to face enemies to get more kills and higher rank points in Karakin.

Instead, you tend to have to gain rank points by trying to last longer. If you make a mistake and die immediately, you lose a lot of rank points.


That's why Miramar PUBG is more ideal for tactical gameplay while Karakin is better for push ranks. In short, choose Karakin if you want to push rank faster. If you play well, you can get rank points two or three to four times higher in Karakin.


PUBG Miramar

The drop location in Miramar PUBG always depends on the plane's route. However, you can get off wherever you want regardless of the plane's route.

No matter where the plane routes are, you can always reach where you want to land. In addition, the major cities in the desert map are scattered throughout the map while the major cities in Karakin are placed on the edge of the island.

Miramar is 8×8 km while Karakin is only 2×2 km. Miramar is 16 times bigger than the new map. Thus, the spawn supply rate is also higher than in Miramar PUBG.

In addition, Karakin has many secret bunkers with lots of resources for players to view and quickly prepare. Then, you also engage earlier and finish matches faster in Karakin.

On a big map like Miramar, tactics are more important. Meanwhile, skill is a key factor in a small map like Karakin.

In the desert, you spend most of your time traversing the map. But at Karakin, you have to engage more often. That's why skill is very important when playing in Karakin. Just get used to the high speed of this small map.

Red Zone

PUBG Miramar

The bomb zone in Miramar PUBG is marked in red. In addition, you will be safe when you are in houses and buildings. However, the bomb zone on Karakin is marked in blue.

In addition, you can still be killed even when you are in the house because the bomb can destroy the small map building. So, choose this small map if you want to play aggressively and push rank faster.

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In push rank in the game, the red zone is one of the elements of the problem that needs to be avoided in order to survive.

When you play in the red zone and are outside the building, you will most likely be hit by the bomb. If you play with a team, you can still be revived. Different things again, if you play solo.

It seems that it will be easier to play in Karakin and also easier to avoid the red zone. Because there are still many buildings that can be used as hiding places.

However, in Miramar it is rather difficult to avoid them. Because if you are in the middle of a desert, there will be no houses or buildings at all.

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That was the comparison between Karakin and Miramar that you can use to push rank in PUBG Mobile. Small locations are more intense matches from start to finish. Meanwhile, the big ones will take you longer to find players. So, which do you prefer?

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