6 Heroes Hard to Die in Mobile Legends, Stick to the Late Game!

Hero hard to die in the game Mobile Legends categorized as a hero who has the ability to survive well.

Generally, this hero can withstand being ganked by a group of opponents, then can withstand burst or CC damage, and can even attack back afterwards.

Usually, heroes with this ability will play a lot of roles as offensive bait for opponents, covers, or opening attacks on opposing lanes. Some of them can even split push too.

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The following are 6 hard-to-die heroes who are likely to survive after being hit by a high gank. There are also those who can easily escape pursuit because of their speed.

6 Heroes Hard to Die ML, Hardiness and Agility!


tigreal hard to die hero
Hero Tigreal

Tigreal is no doubt a qualified tanker and fighter as the top immortal hero. All of Tigreal's skill sets have CC effects, including slow and stun.

Tigreal's passive skill also makes it difficult to defeat, especially when built as a tank with thick HP. There is a bonus passive skill that makes it immune to opponent attacks.

Ulti and skill 2 Tigreal are quite dangerous in terms of damage. Targets that are hit by these two skills can be paralyzed quickly because these two skills can open a ganking.


hard to die hero johnson
Hero Johnson

The hard-to-die hero in second place is Johnson, who is also equipped with passive skills to keep him in the arena when he loses a lot of HP.

When Johnson's HP is below 30%, his passive skill will provide a shield for 10 seconds. This allows Johnson to escape by turning himself into a car.

Johnson's 1st skill can be used to give a stun effect to his target, which is usually followed by his 2nd skill attack. The combination of these two attacks will drastically reduce the opponent's speed.

In terms of his ulti, Johnson is certainly often used as a vehicle to penetrate opponent's turrets. He can bring one partner to do split push on the opponent's lane.

He can also be used as a sidelaner who can rotate to all lanes with his ulti. Because of this skillset, Johnson is a hard-to-die hero who is quite dangerous.


hard to die hero lylia
Hero Lylia

This tiny witch is one of the meta heroes of season 23 who can compete with the "ghosts" in the gold lane, such as Clint, Beatrix and Brody.

He is a hard-to-die hero because he has a passive skill that will increase his speed periodically and can be stacked so that his speed increases up to 35%.

Lylia can also spam skills because her ulti can reset her mana to the beginning so she's just waiting for the skill's cooldown. Hence, he will often prank targets in the gold lane with his 1st and 2nd skills.

Lylia users must have memorized the troublesome combination of skills 1 and 2 attacks. When his mana is running low, just activate his ulti to blink and reset his mana again.

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hero hard to die akai
Hero Akai

Akai's gameplay makes him a tough and troublesome hero. He has the ability to generate a shield every time he uses his skill.

The good news is, he has a relatively short skill cooldown so his shield can be used periodically. The damage from the skill is also fairly okay.

Akai's 1st skill can stun the opponent, while his 2nd skill is usually used for poking. The combination of skill 1 and Akai's ultimate will be his deadly attack because it can wipe out opponents or minions that block it.

When he uses his ulti, he will be immune to any interruptions so that the target has no chance to stop his ulti attack.

Akai's basic attack is also another attack that can be upgraded so that it has high physical damage. This will be useful when poking the opponent's hero or following up after the ulti.


hero hard to die edith
Hero Edith

This newcomer hero can move in and out of his robot, making him one of the hard-to-die heroes in the Land of Dawn arena.

Edith has the advantage of acting as both a tank and a marksman at the same time, so there are several passive skills inherent when she changes roles to become a marksman (when she leaves Phylax).

He also has mixed damage between physical and magic damage. Usually, if Edith is built as a tank, she will use more physical items. However, if you build it as a multitalent, there will be a mix of physical and magic items to balance the damage.

The way to make it hard for Edith to die in the arena is to determine the timing of using her ulti. When you want to focus on turret push or split push, use Edith tank mode. When going to poke, use the marksman mode. Condition Edith's mana so it can periodically do this.


hard to die hero alice
Hero Alice

This tempting vampire hero is one of the hard-to-die heroes because he has a passive skill that increases his mana, HP, and provides a shield against him.

To use her passive skill, Alice has to kill a lot of minions so she can absorb the "orb" which will activate her passive skill.

Alice's ulti skills will periodically absorb the HP of heroes around her while giving magic damage which is quite painful during the mid to late game. This will be suitable for use when Alice is surrounded and hit by ganking.

As another opening attack, he has skill 1 with a fairly long attack range. His skill 1 attack can even penetrate the arena wall.

Another option when Alice is surrounded by opponents is to use her 2nd skill to hinder the opponent's movement. Use this situation to continue the attack with his ulti or escape to a safer area.

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Hard-to-die heroes in the Land of Dawn will be a challenge for players when pushing rank, because they will be very dangerous when they are fully upgraded because of their high endurance and skillset. So, try to beat them from the early game, Vicigers!

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