Confused Counter Valentina? Use These 10 Heroes Bro!

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Counter hero Valentina Mobile Legends requires special abilities so that he doesn't activate his ulti which can mimic almost all the heroes you use.

Even though in Valentina's ulti skills there are several passive skills or hero bonus effects that she imitates, there are still some CC or burst skills that are dangerous for her to use.

There are also various ways to counter Valentina, starting from continuously aiming at her from the start of the match, attacking her with combo attacks and giving her CC effects or disabling her.

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Of the various heroes capable of countering Valentina, here is a summary of 10 heroes you can use to deal with her copying abilities.

10 Counter Heroes for Valentina, Reduce Her Ulti Skills!


counter valentine Chou
Hero Chou

Valentina's counter with Chou will continue to take advantage of Chou's ability to create consecutive attacks. You can take advantage of skill 1 at the start of the match, then combo skill 2 and its ulti.

Place Chou on the EXP lane so he can quickly unlock skill 2 and ulti. He can also occasionally farm into the jungle or go down to the mid lane. Usually, Valentina will roam in the mid lane and jungle.

Counter Valentina by intercepting her on both lanes. Open the attack with skill 1, then if pressed, immediately use Chou's skill 2 to blink. Later, look for opportunities to use Chou's ultimate so that Valentina will be hit by a series of attacks with high damage.


Counter Valentine Layla
Hero Layla

Because of her anime skin, Layla is back up to match ranked and she can also counter Valentina in the sidelane. Layla is currently still in the gold lane position so she can quickly buy shoe items to speed up her movement.

After Layla has farmed gold and bought lots of physical attack and speed items, she can start helping down the mid lane or shadowing Valentina.

If you can determine Layla's timing using her ultimate skill from a distance, you will get bonus damage from Layla's ranged attack.

However, if Layla is directly facing Valentina, just use skill 1 for critical damage or skill 2 so that Valentina will be slow.

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counter valentina beatrix
Hero Beatrix

The thing that might be difficult for Valentina to imitate from Beatrix is her ability to change weapons during matches. This is the reason Beatrix can become Valentina's counter hero.

Beatrix's various attack combinations can trouble Valentina, starting from her AoE attacks or Burst.

You can choose to use Renner or Wesker to produce ulti bursts that have high damage, or Bennett and Nibiru to attack Valentina and the area around her.

The author recommends attacking Valentina with ulti burst, because it can beat Valentina faster. Meanwhile, you can defeat Valentina's teammates one by one later, because Valentina needs a lightning attack to counter before she can imitate the heroes on your team.


counter valentine lancelot
Hero Lancelot

This agile and reliable hero for beginners and veteran players is very effective against Valentina. The reason is, Lancelot has a combo attack that cannot be disturbed.

Skill 2 and Lancelot's ult are his mainstay attacks which can be troublesome for Valentina to activate her ulti skills. To do this, Lancelot needs to farm EXP first.

After skill 2 and ulti are open, he can start a combination of attacks from skills 1, 2 and his ulti. Use skill 1 to attack while lunging forward, continue with basic attack or skill 2 Lancelot. If there is still mana, connect directly to the ulti.

With these three consecutive attacks, Valentina will have a hard time escaping and her HP will definitely be getting thinner. Of course, Lancelot has to buy physical damage enhancing items to make it more stable.

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counter valentine ling
Hero Ling

Using Ling to counter Valentina means taking advantage of her ability to create a lot of critical damage against Valentina.

To do this, you need to master skill 1 which can make him jump to the wall in the arena. Usually, this skill 1 will be combined with skill 2 or its ulti.

Use a combination of skills 1 and 2 periodically to quickly give critical damage to Valentina. When Valentina is about to strike back, activate skill 1 Ling again and explore the arena walls again.

If there is enough mana to use the ulti, do a combination of skill 1 and ulti. Valentina will receive burst damage if this attack hits her hard.


valentina roger counter
Hero Roger

For Valentina's counter with Roger, she will transform a lot into a werewolf so she can create DPS and burst damage.

The advantage of using Roger against Valentina is that he has a ranged attack skill that can be used to anticipate attack timing.

Use skill 1 to determine the distance between Roger and Valentina, then if necessary, increase Roger's speed with skill 2 in his human mode.

Ambush Valentina by using Roger's ulti to turn into a werewolf, and connect with his 2 werewolf skills for faster and sicker attack power and speed.

Continue the attack using Roger's skill 1 so that Valentina will have a hard time surviving this series of attacks. Of course, Roger must be assisted with boots and other physical items that can increase his movement speed so he can avoid Valentina's ulti.

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counter valentina phoveus
Hero Phoveus

Poveus has the advantage of countering Valentina with his mechanics. He can tag Valentina to create a CC effect from his ulti.

First of all, Phoveus had to shadow a lot and mark Valentina with his attacks. By marking the target, he can only use ulti for various effects, such as blink and charge.

Later, when Valentina is hit by a sign from Phoveus, she can immediately blink to Valentina's location and attack her with burst damage.

Each of these attacks will provide a shield against Phoveus. Not only that, Phoveus' skill 1 can also be used as a barrier to Valentina's skill attacks.

Use skill 2 Phoveus to attract Valentina if she tries to run away, then continue with skill 1 or ultimate for sick magic damage.


counter valentine kaja
Kaja Hero

With a combination of skill 2 and Kaja's ultimate, he can be an asset to counter Valentina, especially in the mid to late game.

What needs to be done in the early game is farming EXP and buffs so that Kaja has mana and high endurance to fight mechanics with Valentina.

If Valentina plans to attack Kaja with an ambush, she can use her skill 1 to find out where Valentina is hiding.

For high burst damage attacks, Kaja can use combo attack skill 2 and his ulti. First install the bomb from skill 2 Kaja, then activate the ulti and pull Valentina towards the bomb.

Automatically, Valentina will drain her HP a lot, and she can even be killed immediately if Kaja is supported with items that increase magic damage and true damage.

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counter valentine yin
Hero Yin

This hero who has two personalities will be able to counter Valentina in her particular realm, or enough with skills 1 and 2 which have burst damage and CC.

Yin's passive skill can increase his damage when he only faces one on one with his target. This passive skill will increase significantly when he is in his special realm.

Before activating the special Yin realm, of course he has to level up first so that all of his skillsets can be used. Reduce the distance with 2 Yin skills while dealing damage to Valentina.

Continue with skill 1 which can provide additional CDR for the skillset. Don't worry about being counterattacked because skill 2 Yin can stun Valentina.

If the situation allows for the ulti to be activated, use Yin ulti and slay Valentina in the realm with Lieh's skillset. Be careful of tight spaces because Valentina has AoE skills so you can't go around attacking Valentina in that realm.


counter valentina silvanna
Hero Silvanna

With Silvanna's CC skillset, Valentina's counter will be more effective because Silvanna has the ability to stun her target with skill 1 or her ultimate.

Silvanna's 2nd skill can also provide a shield and attack speed to attack Valentina faster. But usually, skill 1 and Silvanna's ulti will be a mainstay for players to subvert their targets, including Valentina as well.

He must be supported with items that increase movement speed so he can rotate quickly or poke Valentina every now and then. Use skill 2 to periodically attack Valentina, then activate skill 1 and ulti as Silvanna's way of dampening Valentina's movements.

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Valentina will indeed pose a threat through her ultimate skill which can imitate almost all heroes and their skills. However, with the burst damage and combo attack hero abilities above, Valentina will be in trouble before she succeeds in using her ulti.

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