New ML Hero Leaks, Fighter Predicted Role!

ML's new hero leak (Mobile Legends) is definitely a topic that players have always been waiting for. The reason is, the appearance of a new hero will determine the meta in the next season.

The new heroes released by Moonton are usually preceded by leaks in the form of rough sketches, skill animations, and skillsets in the arena.

Moonton usually releases the hero first on the advanced server, then on the original server. Some of the heroes that will be discussed below have been released on the advanced server but not on the original server. Examples of heroes are like Yin and Melissa.

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Here is a leak of the new ML hero whose predicted role was originally a marksman or assassin, now a fighter with the name Julian. There is also a brief discussion of Xavier's hero which was released on the advanced server, as well as Melissa's hero who is still "fresh from the oven".

New ML Hero Leaks With Rough Sketches

New Hero Julian

According to the leaker Joni Moba, the leaked ML hero with the name Julian has now received several updates. Starting from a rough sketch and the default skin, the skillset and the hero role.

new ml julian hero leaks
Julian's New Hero Prediction

As can be seen from the image above, the appearance of Julian's new hero has been leaking rough sketches since early February. This hero leak coincides with Yin, Xavier and Melissa heroes.

Looking at the rough sketch with his red hair, it looks like this Julian's hero will have abilities like Alucard's heroes in terms of basic attacks. However, the normal skin design looks like Gusion.

When viewed from other roles such as chase/damage, it seems that this hero also has speed-boosting skills and of course bursts to catch up with opposing heroes.

new ml skill 1 julian leaks
Prediction Display Skill 1 Julian

Furthermore, leaker Joni Moba provides predictions about Julian's skillset. This hero leak has skill 1 which is a long-range attack type. The model from Julian's skillset is Paquito, according to the leaker.

Predictably, this attack has quite a long range and continuous damage when it hits its target.

From the Nuke itself, it looks like this skill has the potential to deal decent damage as an opening attack.

leaks of new ml skill 2 heroes and Julian's ulti
Prediction of Skill 2 and Julian's Ulti

For Julian's 2 new hero skills, the attacks are dash type and there is a damage stack that is collected to increase the damage output for these 2 skills. Judging from the skill 2 label, it seems to have a type of burst damage.

This new ML ulti hero skill is predicted to be similar to Paquito, namely an ulti with CC and AoE effects. Considering that his role is a fighter with chase abilities, it looks like Julian's ulti will prevent opponents from escaping from his attacks.

With chase and CC effects as well, it is predicted that ulti and 2 Julian's skills can be combined to produce AoE damage and burst while dashing forward.

This hero is predicted to be released on the Advanced Server in March. For further information, please watch the video, which was launched directly from Joni Moba's YouTube channel below.

New ML Hero Leaks That Will Be Released Soon

New Hero Xavier

new ml xavier hero leaks
Hero Xavier

The next new hero is Xavier, who has been leaking since mid-January. This hero has been released on the Advanced Server and is rumored to be released in March on the Original Server.

leaked new hero ml passive skill xavier
Xavier's Passive Skills

Xavier is a mage hero who has great passive skills. Every time an opposing hero approaches him, there will be a special area to slow down their movements.

Under the feet of the hero in Xavier's area, there is a stack that can be collected up to 3. When all of these stacks are collected, the opposing hero will be immobilized for a few moments.

new ml skill 1 Xavier leaks
Skill 1 Xavier

Xavier's skill set can also be used to collect stack magic damage. First of all, fire skill one in a straight line with it. The more enemy heroes affected by this skill, the faster Xavier's magic damage stack will accumulate.

new ml skill 2 Xavier leaks
Skill 2 Xavier

This new ML hero Xavier also has a special combination attack of skills 1 and 2. How to do this, use Xavier's skill 2 to provide a kind of barrier, then fire skill 1 at the barrier.

Opponents affected by this attack combination will immediately be immobilized and Xavier's stack will immediately be full.

leaked new hero ml multi skill Xavier
Xavier's Ultimate Skill

Ulti from Xavier's hero has a very far range. He can fire lasers from the team's base to the end of the opponent's base in a straight line.

Even though the damage from this ult is quite small, Xavier's ult can hit more than one target as long as they are in the path of his ulti's shot.

What is clear is that Xavier's combination of skill 1 and 2 attacks will be the asset for this new ML leaked hero attack. Check out this hero review from the YouTube channel VY Gaming below this.

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New Hero ML Original Server

Melissa, ML's New Marksman

Leaked new ml hero Melissa
Hero Melissa

Melissa has finally been released on the original server. This hero was released on February 22, but its skillset can already be seen on the advanced server.

Leaked new hero ml skill 1 Melissa
Skill 1 Melissa

Skill 1 of Melissa's new hero is a buff that will increase her attack speed for 3 seconds. Because the CD of this skill is quite short, you can spam it again to speed up Melissa's basic attack.

Leaked new hero ml skill 2 Melissa
Skill 2 Melissa

Skill 2 Melissa is also still a basic attack, but this time she is assisted by her doll (Muddles). So, Melissa and her doll will simultaneously attack the hero and the target of this hero will be affected by a slow effect of up to 60%.

Leaked new hero ml Melissa's ultimate skill
Melissa's Ultimate Skill

Meanwhile, Melissa's ulti is a large enough domain shield that will protect her from attacks from opponents and teammates who are in the domain. The fun thing is, this domain will provide additional defense and attack for Melissa.

The combination of Melissa's attacks is skill 2, 1 and basic attack. Because with only skill 2 capital, Melissa can already produce sick damage in the early game.

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Those are the leaks of the new ML heroes, some of which have been released on both the Advanced and Original Servers. As for the heroes that are still just rough sketches, you can look forward to the next info, Vicigers!

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