Cool Evos photos for you fans of the White Tiger Team

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Are you fans of Evos Esports? It's still not enough if you don't have a collection of Evos photos, especially since this team has a cool logo in the form of a white tiger.

The development of the increasingly advanced esports industry has made many esports organizations or teams start to emerge, including in Indonesia.

These esports teams generally have more than 1 division to compete in various competitive esports scenarios, such as Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Free Fire, and so on.

In fact, there is an Indonesian esports team that is expanding its wings to other countries in Southeast Asia. This can be proof that the quality of our esports team cannot be doubted.

Talking about the Indonesian esports team, there is one big team that is very popular plus a myriad of achievements, namely Evos Esports.

It is undeniable that this well-known organization has quite a lot of fans because it has a team of equally good quality in each of its divisions.

Like fans in general, of course you don't want to miss participating in collecting various Evos photos. The photo could be a logo, the players, and so on.

So, in this article we will provide a number of Evos photos as well as briefly review the profile of this team that has a long history in Indonesian esports.

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About Evos Esports

Evos is a multidivisional esports organization founded in Jakarta in August 2016 by Ivan Yeo. The organization has a mission to build a professional team to participate in various competitive esports scenes.

At first, Evos only had one team, namely Dota 2, which at that time the owner was EO at the Asian Electronic Sports Games tournament. He gave an additional prize, namely sponsorship for a successful team to become champions.

The team that managed to emerge as the champion was RRQ, followed by Kanaya Gaming and Majapahit as the second and third place winners.

Because RRQ and Kanaya Gaming already had sponsors, Ivan finally acquired Majapahit, also known as Zero Latitude, as the Dota 2 Evos team.

Slowly, the team that is synonymous with the white tiger logo began to develop by expanding to more countries and to a number of countries games or division.

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As you all know, Evos Esports is one of the largest esports organizations in Indonesia with various divisions within it. Currently, several divisions include Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Free Fire, Realm of Valor, and LoL: Wild Rift.

Mobile Legends is a division that has made the Evos Esports team's name skyrocket because they managed to achieve national and international achievements.

Apart from that, Free Fire is also a division that has made Evos a bigger name in the Indonesian esports scene. The reason is, Mobile Legends and Free Fire from Evos have experienced world titles.

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Evos Esports Has Experienced a Logo Change

As a big team, Evos Esports must have an attractive logo as an identity so that it can be easily recognized by the public.

This team has an iconic logo in the form of a white tiger or tiger head with blue Evos writing and a shield on the back. That is what also makes many people call him the white tiger team.

If you've been following this team for a long time, Evos has experienced a logo change. However, the changes are not striking enough so there are only slight changes if you observe them.

The change is only in the head where the size that used to be quite small is now bigger. In addition, the part of the shield behind him has now become bigger.

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Evos Esports's photo

Evos Esports is a team that is synonymous with white tigers because the main logo is a white tiger's head. 

Even so, Evos seems to carry the main color which tends to be a combination of blue and white. You can see this for example in Evos jerseys from various divisions which have blue as their main color.

So, if you look around, the color of this Evos is indeed quite fierce and cool. For that, it would be perfect if you have a photo of Evos whether it's the logo, players, and so on.

You can also make the Evos photo as a display wallpapers laptop or HP as well as being proud of yourself if you are fans from Evos Esports.

For those of you who want to collect them, here we provide a collection of cool Evos photos as a reference for you.



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