5 Best ML Support Heroes, Ready to Help Push Rank Faster

As the name suggests, Support heroes in ML are tasked with helping to provide support to either heal or protect teammates.
Hero Support ML
Hero Support ML. Source: MLBB Official Website

As the name suggests, Support heroes in ML tasked with helping to provide good support for heal or protecting teammates.

Although it is sometimes underestimated because it usually has damage who is weaker than other heroes, selection heroes For this role, it is important to increase the team's chances of winning.

If you are interested in learning this role, here is a list of the 5 best Support heroes that you can try!

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5 Best ML Support Heroes Ready to Help Push Rank

To date, Mobile Legend has a total of 13 Support heroes, so who are the best Support heroes in ML currently?


Angela skin Heartstring. Source: MLBB

This hero specializes in protecting teammates by providing a thick shield with his ultimate skill, Heart Guard.

Ultimate Skills Angela can provide 1000 (+200% Total Magic Power) Shield which lasts for 6 seconds to the target hero.

Not only does she provide Shield, by sticking to a team hero, Angela can also use other skills without using Mana.

When a teammate is pressed, Angela users can help them escape with Heart Guard while inhibiting movement and attacking the opponent with skills 1 and 2.

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Estes skin SPARKLE Estes. Source: MLBB

Just like Angela, Estes also specializes in protecting teammates as well as being healer which is very useful at the moment teamfights going on.

The ultimate skill of this hero, Blessing of Moon Goddess, can distribute healing to teammates for 8 seconds.

With the right moment, Estes can be a savior when his teammates start to run out of HP in the fight against the opposing team.

Not only that, the second skill of this ML Support hero can restore the HP of one of the team's heroes for 3 seconds as long as it is within its range.


ML Support Hero - Diggie
Diggie skin Underwood Steward. Source: MLBB

Diggie is known to be just as annoying as Nana. Skill 1 of this hero can make him throw an Alarm Bomb at the target location and stay for the next 25 seconds.

The Alarm Bomb will chase the opposing enemy and explode after hitting it. The explosion deals 350 (+100% Magic Power) Magic Damage which also triggers a slow effect.

He can issue a maximum of 5 Alarm Bombs at once. With the right timing and placement, this hero can eliminate many enemies who fall into his trap.

Ultimately, Time Journey can remove debuffs from all nearby heroes on the same team. This skill also provides 650 (+300 Total Magic Power) and is immune to Crowd Control for 3 seconds.

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ML Support Hero - Faramis
Faramis skin Infernal Magister. Source: MLBB

This hero has two roles, namely as Support and Mage, therefore the damage he has is also quite painful.

The first skill of Faramis namely Shadow Stampede can give him 70% Movement Speed and 25 additional Physical & Magic Damage.

Heroes who come into contact with it while in Shadow mode will receive 250 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and Nether Mark.

Opponent heroes who have the Nether Mark will automatically be attracted to him after Faramis exits Shadow Mode.

Meanwhile, his ultimate skill, Nether Realm, allows this hero and his teammates in that area not to be eliminated by the opponent for 1.3 seconds.


ML Support Hero - Mathilda
Mathilda skin Dream Groove. Source: MLBB

The next best Support Hero is Mathilda. This hero's first skill can attract up to 6 Wisp. If used again at the end of the duration, it will follow and attack nearby opponents.

Each attack will deal 275 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and briefly reveal the opponent's position.

Mathilda's second skill can help her teammates move towards her with the addition of the same Movement Speed.

Players can use this skill to save teammates who are being chased by an opposing group.

Meanwhile, this hero's ultimate skill can provide a shield while still attacking opponents who are close to him.

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So, those are the 5 best Support heroes in Mobile Legends (ML). From the list, which ones have you tried?

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