Build the Best Items and Emblems for Granger ML


Granger is marksman hero ML which is more often used to fill the jungler role. This month, Granger just received an Exorcist skin from Moonton

Granger is still a suitable ML hero to play in season 32. The reason is that this season the hero has just received a Buff from Moonton. 

Physical Attack which previously had a scale of 100 is now 116. Even though this hero's HP has currently decreased from 2,450 to 2,260 points, this does not make his performance worse.  Meanwhile, HP growth this season increases to 140 with each level added. 

Unlike most marksman heroes who have good basic attack speed. This hero actually relies more on his high physical damage.

Therefore, in this discussion we will review the best build items, emblems and gameplay tips that can support this hero in battle. For further information, see the complete explanation below!

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Skill Granger ML 

Source: SPIN Esports

Unlike marksman in general, Granger isn't ML heroes who relies too much on Basic Attacks. The effectiveness of this hero's attacks really depends on his skill set. The following is an explanation of the skill sets that are important for you to know:


Caprice is Granger's passive skill in the form of the ability to load 6 bullets. Granger's 6th bullet has the highest Basic Attack damage compared to other bullets. 

These passive skills can be used one by one or directly by activating skill one. The bullets in each Granger shot have 110 Physical Damage. Therefore, always aim precisely at the enemy. 


At this moment Granger will fully load his gun and fire the 6 bullets at the enemy. Rhapsody has a high damage effect on enemies, each bullet deals 35 Physical Damage.

When activating this skill Granger will be fixated on one point. You can't change the direction of Granger's body, what you can do is move it forward or backward. 

Not only the build but this skill also has a big influence on Granger's damage, so try to hit all the bullets on the enemy


Rondo is actually Granger's escape skill. After activating this skill, Granger's two basic attacks become stronger.

Skill 2's cooldown can decrease when Granger manages to shoot precisely at minions, jungle monsters or enemies. 

Death Sonata 

Death Sonata is Granger's ultimate skill which consists of 3 high damage bullets. These granger bullets have different damage, the highest damage is on the last bullet. 

Because the cooldown of this skill is quite long, it's best to use it at the right moment. To make it easier to hit the target, use it during team fight momentum, when the enemy is gathering. 

This method can minimize bullets missing the target. Even though they are not focused on one enemy, at least these bullets can be used to pay off the HP of other enemy heroes. 

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Build Emblem Granger ML 

Build Emblem Granger
Build Emblems. Source: MLBB

Granger is a marksman hero who has good early damage. But he is not suitable to play in the gold lane position. This hero is much more suitable as a jungler because he can farm quickly. 

To make this hero even sicker in the Land of Dawn, use the assassin emblem. The purpose of using this emblem is to get additional Adaptive Penetration, Adaptive Attack and Movement Speed. So that this hero does more damage in the match, use the following talent arrangement: 


Even though he has good escape skills, this hero needs additional Movement Speed to make it easier to rotate. Therefore, use Agility or green shoes to increase Granger's mobility. 

Seasoned Hunter

Seasoned Hunter is useful for speeding up farming for this hero. In this way, Granger can level up quickly and have serious damage. 

In the mid to late game phase, this talent is very useful during turtle or lord contests. Because Seasoned Hunter can increase 15% damage against turtles and lords. 

Impure Rage 

Impured is useful for increasing the Adaptive Damage of each skill this hero has. With this talent, the hero's one skill and ultimate skill can become even more painful. 

Finally, the best Battle Spell for this hero is Ice Retribution. This Battle Spell is useful for increasing Granger's escape skills. 

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Build Granger ML Items

Build Granger ML Items
Build Items. Source: MLBB

Actually, this season there are no drastic changes to the Granger hero that requires him to use a new build.

But the items below are the best choice to make Granger strong but still take damage, see the explanation: 

Tough Boots/Magic Boots

Both items shoe this is equally good for this hero. You just have to adjust which one is suitable to face your opponents in the Land of Dawn.

For example, there is an opponent who has Crowd Control or a mage hero who always targets your hero. So use Tough Boots to reduce the CC effect and strengthen this hero's Magic Defense.

However, if you really think your opponent's condition is not like that, then use it Magic Boots to get the Cooldown Reduction skill set.  


HunterStrike is a fairly complete item for this hero to use. This item can increase this hero's Physical Attack while simultaneously reducing skill Cooldown.

This item also has a unique passive which can increase Physical Attack for 2 seconds by 25% when the enemy's HP is below 50%. 

Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate is a damage item disguised as a defense item. This item's unique passive can provide defense to Granger when hit by an attack while also adding damage to his attacks.

That's why this item is called a damage item under the guise of a defense item. Use this item as a third item, don't be too eager to change Granger to a full damage item. 

You need to remember that even though this hero is a marksman, this hero has an attack range that is not as wide as Lesley and Layla. So when shooting Granger you have to be close to the target. That makes him very vulnerable and requires defense items too. 

Endless Battles

After Hunter Strike item Endless Battles also complete items that are suitable for this hero. This item can provide Lifesteal, Movement Speed, Physical Attack and Cooldown Reduction. 

Use this item as the third item to get the passive which can strengthen the hero's Basic Attack for 3 seconds. 

Blood of Despair

Use this item as the last item because it is expensive. If you force yourself to buy this item from the start, of course your hero will wait a long time to take damage.

Blood of Despair has the worst damage among other items. So this item is increasingly suitable for use in the late game phase.  


This item is actually optional but you should buy it first until the passive is active to raise Granger from the dead. Immortality very important to buy in the late game phase. 

Especially when the team is in a tight situation, of course this will be very helpful if you accidentally get caught by your opponent. 

So use this item until the passive is active then sell it to buy damage items Malefic Roar or Wind of Nature. Both are equally good for increasing Granger damage. It's just that Wind of Nature has a unique passive that protects Granger when approaching the enemy. 

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