This Magic Shoe Is Suitable for These 5 Heroes!

Magic Shoes

Aloha Vicigers! We meet again to discuss 5 Kil Steal Heroes that are suitable for wearing Magic Shoes, who are they? Come on, let's see the info!

Magic Shoe in Mobile Legend

Before you know Items in MLBB  (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), you should know that there are 2 terms in gameplay The MLBB used against enemies are:

  1. Basic Attack

Basic attacks is an attack using a basic attack or hits. Every heroes have different basic attacks, some use punches, archery, kicks, and so on

  1. skills

Whereas skills is to fight the enemy using force skills and ultimate. You must activate skillsskills which heroes you have before activating ultimate.

In Mobile Legends game play there are various kinds of categories items. Everything can be purchased according to needs and requirements heroes what you use. One of the most important categories is movement.

In categories movement there are several kinds items which have different functions. Items magic shoes it really supports when heroes is doing farming, kill or escape from enemy attacks.

Inner shoes Mobile Legends game is items which is quite important. Items This function increases the speed of movement heroes We. This movement speed can be inbuff by skills items.

magic shoes usually used by heroes the superior skills, the drop on the CD that he has helps that skillsskills existing ones can be reused more quickly. These shoes are usually worn by fighters or support to be able to do spam skills easily.

You can use these shoes if you feel the time for cooldown from heroes you've been using it for too long. Despite the name magic, does not mean items this can not be used otherwise hero mage. These shoes can be used mainly for heroes the duration cooldown-its old.

By buying items this, in addition to getting an additional 10 points for cooldown, you will also get movement speed of 40 points.

Moment late game, items the shoes you use can be sold because in late game not need movement speed unless you're doing strategy split push. Game late game different from early game, late game more dominant war or ganking. The use of this item is more effective at the moment late game sold and replaced with items defense as needed.

magic shoes it is very useful when you use hero mage or assassin which have damage big, but very dependent with skills. before buying items movement you have to check in advance who you are going to fight in lanes. To be safer, you can buy boots first and then you decide to buy other components when you already know who will be your opponent.

In Mobile Legends gameplay, cooldown is the phase where skills owned by heroes you can't use it. All skills definitely have time for cooldown. Following heroes who has time cooldown the longest suitable for using magic Shoes


Granger Magic Shoe

He is one role Marksman, heroes this includes heroes which have skill cooldowns ultimate The longest is 60 seconds. If you want to use heroes this you can use items magic shoes to reduce granger time to the ultimate skill cooldown.


Helcurt Magic Shoe

Heroes this is also included Assassin role which have cooldown for 60 seconds. skills what he has is very deadly namely Dark Night Falls natural if the cooldown of skills it takes a long time.


ALdous Magic Shoe

Fighter heroes it has time cooldown which is old. ultimate skills which he has is as lethal as skills Helcurt. skills which he has named chase fate.

Gatot Kaca

Gatot Kaca Magic Shoe

In fourth place tank heroes from the archipelago, namely Gatot Kaca, heroes it has skills ultimate with damage big and capable lock 5 heroes fight at once. skills which he has a name is Avatars of the Guardians. skills it has time cooldown same with heroes Previously it was 60 seconds.


Kaja Magic Shoes

Heroes from role fighter at a time mage it has skills deadly, almost all target which he lock could be killed instantly, Kaja. Divine Judgment is the name of skills that Kaja has cooldown same like heroes previously.

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