The Worst Aldous Build 2024 to Play Safely in the Early Game 

Aldous' damage depends on the stack. Therefore, players must use the sickest build 2024 when using the hero Aldous
Aldous Epic MLBB
Aldous Epic MLBB. Source: VCGamers

Aldous is fighter heroes In 2024, this Mobile Legends hero depends on the number of stacks and builds used.

Because this hero's damage really depends on the stack, players must play aggressively from the start. But because Aldous doesn't have good early damage, players have to use the right build items to make him do damage from the start. 

So, in this discussion, we will review the worst Aldous build for 2024, especially for playing safely in the early game. Just take a look at the full explanation below!

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Build Emblem and Battle Spell Aldous

Sick Aldous Emblem Build
Sick Aldous Emblem Build. Source: MLBB

As mentioned at the beginning, Aldous has poor early damage. To play safely in the early phase you can use flicker as a Battle Spell. 

Next, you can use the assassin emblem with the following talent combination: 


To play safely and escape enemy zoning, Aldous needs additional movement speed. Apart from shoes, you can use the Agility talent to speed up Aldous' mobility. 

Aldous will get 4% movement speed with Agility so he can move faster when farming minions. 

Weapons Master

To get lots of stacks quickly, Aldous must always be successful in last hitting minions. The best talent to support this is Weapons Master. 

Weapon Master can increase Physical Attack by 5%. This item strengthens the damage given by Aldous' items. 

Killing Spree 

This talent can speed up Aldous' HP regen and increase Movement Speed after eliminating an opponent. Aldous will receive 15% HP recovery and 20% additional Movement Speed every time he eliminates a target. 

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Worst Aldous Item Build 2024

Worst Aldous Item Build 2024
Worst Aldous Item Build 2024. Source: MLBB

If you prefer to play it safe in the early game phase, you should use a build with a defense item arrangement like the following:

Tough Boots 

Shoe This is very important for Aldous because it can shorten the duration of the Crowd Control effect. Tough Boots are very important for Aldous to use because the gameplay is melee. 

This item can reduce the Crowd Control effect by 30%, increase Movement Speed by +40, and increase Magic Defense by +18. 

Thunder Belt

To play safely in the early game phase, the second item you need to buy is Thunder Blade. Even though this doesn't support damage when playing aggressively, at least Aldous will be safer when breaking through enemy zoning. 

Apart from that, with this one item you will get many benefits. Starting from adding +800 HP, 30% Physical Defense, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and 10 Mana Regen. 

Aldous, who plays aggressively, is a bit wasteful of mana so this item will really help you in the early game phase. 

Brute Force Breastplate

If the main goal is to play safe in the early phase then use it Brute Force Breastplate as the third item. This item can increase +600 HP, +23 Physical Defense and reduce Cooldown. 

Apart from that, there is a unique passive that can increase Aldous' damage and movement speed. This item has a maximum stack of 6 with a cooldown time of 4 seconds. 

This item can support the performance of Tough Boots because it can reduce the Crowd Control effect by 15%. The combination of these two items can speed up the stun duration of enemy heroes who hit Aldous. 

Endless Battles

The three finished defense items will go hand in hand with the number of stacks obtained by Aldous. To strengthen Aldous' damage, use Endless Battles

This item can reduce Aldous' mana usage. The combination with the Thunder Belt will certainly make mana efficient. 

But you need to know that the damage items used will be useless if you fail to get the minion's last hit from the start. This item also supports adding HP, Physical Attack, Movement Speed to Lifesteal. 

Malefic Roar

After four defense items and one damage item, it's time to buy a damage item Malefic Roar. This item can increase Aldous' +20% Physical Attack. 

Even though it is still inferior to Blood of Despair, the price of this item is quite cheap and can be obtained quickly. Malefic Roar can increase Aldous' Physical Penetration.

In the mid game phase, of course Aldous' stack has been collected and can be relied on. When you combine this item with Aldous's already high stack, Aldous will get even sicker


Last use Immortality to strengthen defense and get passive life back. Once this passive item is active, you can sell it and replace it with another damage item. Other damage items that you can choose include War Ax and Blood of Despair.

That's the recommendation for the sickest Aldous build for 2024, good luck trying it!

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