Thunder Belt, a Tank Item that Marksman Often Uses!

Thunder Belt

Hola Vicigers! To increase the status of the hero that we use, we can use one method, namely by buying itemsitems what's in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So that way, the hero used will have status defense or attacks the maximum, for example the Thunder Belt item.

function of items in a match is very important and can be said to be vital. Therefore the players must understand and know items what's in the game Mobile Legends.

Overview of Thunder Belt Items

One of items contained in the game Mobile Legends that is items Thunder Belt. Items Thunder Belt this is usually used by fighter heroes or tank. But there are also some marksman heroes which can be considered frequently used items this.

The following is the basic status of items Thunder Belt this:

  • By using items this will get an additional +800 HP: Items Thunder Belt can provide additional HP which can be said to be very high, even higher than Brute Force Breastplate items. That way the heroes used by the players will be thicker and enough to make blood heroes last a long time when attacked by enemies.
  • By using items this will get an additional +30 Where's Reg: this basic status will make the players do not need to require them to return to baseher to fill where.

However, where's regene this can still be said to have a fairly small effect, therefore items this should be combined with items  other.

  • By using items Thunder Belt will get an additional +10% Cooldown Reduction: This acquired basic status can make players more frequent spam skills because hero skill cooldowns used will be reduced.
  • By using items Thunder Belt will get an additional +40 Physical Defense: this basic status will make heroes be stronger than heroes that is trampled by the opponent, especially when confronted with heroes which type physical for example like Marksman and also Fighters.

Besides that items it has a Unique Passive ie Thunderbolt. Passive resulting from Thunder Belt items this can make basic attacks after skills used will give TrueDamage which is equal to or equal to the 2% Max HP of the players.

If the HP used by the players is getting bigger, eat TrueDamage that will be obtained is also higher. Opponent units and also other units around the player will get the same effect and can get the effect slow for 1.5 seconds.

Aside from that, Thunder Belt items this can have an effect cooldown for 1.5 seconds. Well, to maximize the passive that comes from Thunder Belt items then the thing to do is to use basic attacks after skills. Here's the picture Skills > Basic Attacks.

Which Hero Is Suitable Using This Item?

Then who are the heroes who use items this?

Thunder Belt items this is one defense items the deadliest of the first order, items it is very capable to deliver truedamage and give effect crowd control.

Thunder Belt items This can be purchased for 2290 gold, items commonly used by tank heroes it can also be used by heo-hero Fighters, Assassins and also marksman heroes.

Then next to be able to maximize the amount truedamage that will be given, of course the players must have a very high HP.

Because the amount it has scales with the HP owned by the players who use it. Therefore the HP that is owned by the player must be thick so that TrueDamage which can be said to be very high.

Mobile Legends Belerick Rework 1

Very suitable heroes to use Thunder Belt items namely Hylos, Belerick, and Uranus. Apart from that Aldous is also included heroes which uses this item.

3 best tips for using the Aldous hero in ml

Basic Attack it has after using it skills 1 will be able to produce TrueDamage. Usually user heroes This Aldous will combine items this with Blade of Despair items.

apart from heroes above, Lesley, Sun, Khufra and Clint are also very suitable to use Thunder Belt items. Because, basic attacks after the player uses skills that will deliver truedamage.

So that's what he's talking about thunderbelt items, for more, watch the video pro player and good luck!!

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