Get to know Cesian ONIC, the beautiful BA from the Yellow Hedgehog Team!

In this article, we will discuss Cesian ONIC, the beautiful Brand Ambassador of the Yellow Landak Team.
cesian onic (3)
Alexandra Chelsea Ann (Source: Cesiann/Instagram)

For you SONICs, you must already know all the Brand Ambassadors from ONIC Esports right? One of them is Cesian ONIC!

You also often hear that ONIC Esports Brand Ambassadors are famous for their charm and talent, including Cesian.

At ONIC itself, he is not alone but is also friends with his older sibling who is also a Brand Ambassador, you name it Gebian ONIC.

So, in this article we will discuss Cesian, the beautiful Brand Ambassador from the Yellow Hedgehog Team! Just take a look at the article below, okay?

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Cesian ONIC Profile

cesian onic (1)
Alexandra Chelsea Ann (Source: Cesiann/Instagram)

Alexandra Chelsea Ann or often called Cesian or Cesi is a gamer, model, streamer from Indonesia.

Cesian has become known to fans since it was announced by ONIC Esports via YouTube Channelon June 26, 2021.

As previously mentioned, Cesian became a Brand Ambassador at ONIC Esports together with his older brother, Gebian ONIC.

The ONIC Esports team itself has become a second home for the two siblings. Their presence can be an "eye refresher" for SONICs.

For those of you who often watch MPL Indonesia, Cesian is always there along with other ONIC Esports angels who sit in front of the MPL Indonesia stage to support the ONIC players competing.

As a Brand Ambassador, Cesian is tasked with supporting ONIC Esports activities and promoting all things related to the Yellow Hedgehog team.

However, if we flashback to his current career, he was a celebrity and model, you know!

For those of you who have never seen his Instagram, there are photos of him, both selfies and during photo shoots.

It turns out to be even more surprising, Cesian has a Top Up Game business called gamestore.indonesia, you know! Very cool, isn't it, Cesian?

Then in 2023, he collaborated with clothing store Luminouss and promoted the drink brand, Milk Jus.

So, it's not surprising that ONIC Esports recruited him to be its Brand Ambassador because of his talent and stunning visuals.

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Cesian Bio

cesian onic (4)
Alexandra Chelsea Ann (Source: Cesiann/Instagram)

The following is Cesian ONIC's biodata that you should know to get to know him better!

  • Full name: Alexandra Chelsea Ann
  • nickname: Cesiann, Cesi, ONIC Cesiann
  • Place and date of birth: Jakarta, 7 April 2002
  • Age: 22 Years (2024)
  • Citizenship: Indonesia
  • Religion: Christian
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Profession: Influencer, Gamer, Model, Content Creator, Streamer
  • Hobby: Playing Games, Shopping
  • Instagram account: @cesiann
  • TikTok Account: @cesiann
  • YouTube Account: @cesiann
  • Siblings: Gebian ONIC.
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Interesting Cesian Facts

cesian onic (2)
Alexandra Chelsea Ann (Source: Cesiann/Instagram)

It's time for us to review the interesting facts that you need to know as SONIC so you can get to know Cesian more closely!

ONIC Gebian's younger sibling

As we know from the previous discussion above, Cesian is Gebian's younger sibling.

Cesian is an influencer and active content creator on Instagram and TikTok.

Then, he followed his older brother's career to get involved in the world of Esports so he was recruited by the Yellow Hedgehog Team to complete its angel squad.

Please note that Gebian and Cesian are the first siblings to become Brand Ambassadors at ONIC Esports before Vonzy and Sze.


Today's teenage girls definitely don't like their idols from South Korea, including Cesian ONIC.

Apart from actively playing games, it turns out that Cesian is also a Kpopers, you know! If you stalk him, you will definitely find photos of him holding Korean merchandise, where he is seen holding a BLACKPINK Lightstick and he was attending their concert at that time.

Apart from that, he once uploaded a video on his Tiktok showing that he came to the South Korean actor's Fanmeet event.

Has been a BA since he was young

In fact, Cesian ONIC has been exploring his career since he was little, you know, when he was in his teens. Even so, the little ones have become Brand Ambassadors who earn income!

Active on TikTok

As said previously, Cesian ONIC is an active Content Creator, especially on Tiktok.

This can be seen from his followers which have 734.5 thousand and his Tiktok account has reached 16 million likes. Wow!

Apart from that, he often uploads really exciting and creative content, you know! Who hasn't had the chance to see his TikTok content?

Popular on Instagram

Cesian is active not only on Tiktok, you know, but also as an ONIC Esports Brand Ambassador, he is active on his Instagram account.

Now his Instagram account has reached 720 thousand followers, most of whom are SONICs.

Get into Esports

As said before, Cesian ONIC follows Gebian who also likes the world of Esports.

So the two of them have now joined forces to become the biggest Brand Ambassador in Indonesia, namely ONIC Esports.

Have a Gaming Business

Cesian ONIC has a gaming shop that provides various gaming needs such as Diamonds and many more called gamestore.indonesia, you know!

Pink Lovers

So, Cesian ONIC's favorite color is Pink. Almost everything is pink, from the chair to the headphones.

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