Get to know Ghaib, a unique horror game that requires players to recite the Koran

Ghaib is a game that uses a first-person perspective from the protagonist named Ikram who is driving with his sister, Alya.
Unseen Games
Unseen Games. Source: RRRip Gaming/Youtube

Dreadout probably is horror games artificial Indonesia the most popular. However, have you ever heard of the Ghaib game?

This game was made for PC For some time now it has been busy on social media, especially the platform from China, namely TikTok.

What is the gameplay like in Ghaib and how do you play it? Come see more details in the following description!

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Supernatural Game Gameplay

The Gameplay
Supernatural Game Gameplay. Source: RRRip Gaming/Youtube

Ghaib is a game that uses a first-person perspective from the protagonist named Ikram who is driving with his sister, Alya.

The game starts with the two of them driving a car through a straight road that is dark and deserted.

Alya felt that the two of them had really lost their way and asked Ikram to turn around. However, Ikram feels that they will soon find the breakthrough they are looking for.

Not long after, a figure like Kuntilanak appeared and stood in the middle of the road. Losing control due to shock, the two of them then had a car accident.

Kuntilanak Appearance
Kuntilanak Appearance in the Unseen Game. Source: RRRip Gaming/Youtube

From here, you have to go around to find Alya armed with a Koran. This game uses controls from Keyboards and Mouse.

The Q button functions to turn on and turn off the flashlight carried by Ikram. Meanwhile, the W, A, S and D buttons are for walking.

You can check the condition of your surroundings by rolling the mouse and pressing the left mouse button to start or stop reading the Koran.

One of the unique features that is highlighted in this game is the use of the Al-Quran as an exorcist for ghosts.

The mechanism is that players have to read the holy verses of the Koran that appear on the screen through the microphone they use.

If you don't read the verses written on the screen, the ghosts will approach and attack you.

The more often the ghosts attack, the darker the screen will be. If this continues, you will die.

Ghaib has graphics that are not very detailed, but this does not reduce the horror of the horror atmosphere that is built through the music and ghost designs.

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Ghosts that Appear in Supernatural Games

Unseen Games
Kuntilanak was disturbed by reading verses of the Koran. Source: RRRip Gaming/Youtube

Like Dread Out, Ghaib also gives rise to typical Indonesian ghosts, namely Kuntilanak and Kuyang. Interestingly, you will also get some knowledge about the myth of these ghosts.

For example, the myth about Kuntilanak's laughter. If the laughter you hear is loud then the creature is probably far away from you.

On the other hand, if you hear the sound from a long distance then the creature is nearby.

If Kuntilanak appears alone, Kuyang will attack you in a group. Usually, up to 4 kuyang at a time.

Just like Kuyang, another ghost that will attack you in groups is Pocong. This terrible ghost will appear in the cemetery area.

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Where to Download Unseen Games

Unseen Games
Kuyang Ghost in the Supernatural Game. Source: RRRip Gaming/Youtube

If you are interested in playing this game, you can download it at the following link this. This game has a fairly small size, only around 360 MB.

Ghaib has a good combination of cultural and supernatural ideas. Where you will meet typical Indonesian ghosts.

This religious horror themed game is not only able to offer a tense and terrifying atmosphere, but also has a positive impact on reading the Koran.

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So, that's a brief description of the horror game from Indonesia, namely Ghaib. So, are you interested in playing it?

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