Latest MLBB Minotaur Build! Auto Montage!

Build Spells, Emblems and Minotaur Items for MLBB Tank Crowd Control (CC) which are really suitable for montage use!
Build Minotaur MLBB Spells, Items and Emblems
Build Minotaur MLBB Spells, Items and Emblems. Source: VCGamers Gameplay

As one of the tank heroes The biggest crowd control (CC), Minotaur MLBB is the loyal choice of many roamers. The reason is, if used correctly, this hero can easily carry the team to get stars!

Not only does this hero have high durability, he is also equipped with very useful healing skills! It's no surprise that the hero whose nickname is Mino is still meta to this day!

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Build Spells, Items and MLBB Minotaur Emblems

Without further ado, let's get straight to the main discussion, namely builds, spells, items and Minotaur MLBB emblems. If you follow, then the gameplay Mino you will be similar to global users!


Recommended spell: Flicker
Recommended spell: Flicker. Source: VCGamers Gameplay

Starting from spells, as a tank hero who is quite flexible, there are quite a lot of choices for using the right spells for Mino. On several occasions, Mino can be seen using Revitalize or Petrify.

However, we recommend using Flicker as the most appropriate spell choice. This is because Mino's Ultimate Skill (Ulti) is currently equipped with anti-CC (cannot be cancelled).

So at a more "high-octance" match level, Mino users can chase targets who are running away from the area of effect (AoE) of their ulti by using Flicker.


Build Emblem - Tank
Build Emblem – Tank. Source: VCGamers Gameplay

With the current emblem system, there are two options that Mino can choose from:

  • Support for those who want to increase their healing capacity
  • Tank so that the bull becomes harder during war!

But be careful, whichever option you choose will have a significant impact on the gameplay later! So make sure you use one that suits your team's needs!

So, as for the Talent option, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • General Talent 1: Vitality – This is so Mino has additional Hitpoints (HP), so he is a little thicker in the early game.
  • General Talent 2: Tenacity – This can increase his Physical (Armor) and Magical defenses. So it's not only thick, but also hard!
  • Main Talent: Focusing Mark – VCGamers itself recommends this talent for Mino who has extensive AoE skills. Simply put, this Talent reduces the defense (Physical and Magical) of the enemy hero affected.
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Build Items
Build Items. Source: VCGamers Gameplay

The following is the Minotaur build item:

  • (Item Roam): Conceal. Mino is included in one of the montage tanks. Therefore, the most suitable Roam item is Conceal so it can be an opener for the montage!
  • Tough/Warrior Boots: For the first option, you can support Mino's defense aspect by buying him Armor/Magic Resistance shoes. This can be adjusted to suit the majority of enemy hero damage.
  • Dominance Ice: In the second slot, we recommend putting Dominance Ice first. This will become even more mandatory when you meet healer heroes or shield users (white blood).
  • Flask of the Oasis (FotO): A mandatory item for all support healer heroes, namely FotO, which is present in the third slot. This is so that Mino's Skill 2 regen effect becomes even stronger for all teams!
  • Oracle: Well, if this is so the effect of the reflection on Mino himself will be even stronger. Apart from that, Oracle is now also adding armor, so it's really good to buy a tank support hero like the bull!
  • Immortality: In the fifth slot, you can just fill in Immortality straight away. That way, the hero has additional spare lives when he has to be picked off.
  • Conditional items (Twilight Armor/Blade Mail/Athena Shield/Radiant Armor): In the last slot, you can choose counter hero items. For example, if you find a Physical/Magical burst, you can use Twilight/Athena; whereas for DPS, you can choose Blade/Radiant.
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So, that was the discussion regarding the latest Minotaur MLBB build. Also make sure that if you need to buy Starlight Member or top up Diamond, only at VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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