The Sickest Hero Tank 2024, Must Use for Solo Rank!

The Sickest Tank Hero 2024

Holla Vicgers! Maybe some of you are really lazy when playing solo rank and become fifth slot players who inevitably have to play tanks. Now you don't need to worry because by playing the sickest tank hero 2024 you will become a tanker who can carry the team. 

Several tank heroes this season also received buffs from Moonton. Maybe this aims to make the tank adaptable due to the revamp of several fighter items which have a big impact on fighter hero damage. 

Without further ado, just take a look at the recommendations for the 10 sickest tank heroes in 2024 who are suitable for facing strong meta season 31 heroes. 

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8 Worst Tank Heroes 2024 

The tank heroes that will be mentioned below are the heroes that are still dominant in the Land of Dawn.

However, that doesn't mean you can't play heroes who aren't on the list of the sickest tank heroes. 

The following tank character is a hero who has thick blood but still has quite a lot of damage. So they are among the 10 sickest tank heroes in 2024 that you must try.

No need to wait any longer, just take a look at the strongest Mobile Legends tank hero characters below: 

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Tigreal's Worst Tank Hero
Tigreal Skin. Source: Mobile Legends

The first tank hero recommendation is Tigreal. Actually, if you compare Tigreal with Barats, Akai, and Gatotkacha, this tank has far less damage than the three. 

Even though Tigreal seems the weakest, you need to know, in season 31, Tigreal is the most troublesome hero thanks to his combination of skill sets.

Tigreal is a hero who is very difficult to destroy, he is able to repel various types of attacks. Thanks to passive skills fearless Tigreal is able to increase his defense every time he receives an attack from an enemy, which is why it is very difficult to destroy him. 

Apart from that, Tigreal Implosion's main skill can be said to be a deadly ultimate. This skill, which can produce large explosions, can collect and hold enemies at one point so that teammates can easily kill the collected opponents. 

The Crowd Control effect in Tigreal's skill set doesn't just slow down enemy movements. But it can also make it easier for teammates to launch attacks effectively. 


Lolita Hero Tank is Sick
Lolita, the Sickest Tank Hero 2024. Source:

The next Hero Tank in the sickest category for 2024 is Lolita. He has an effective skill set to withstand enemy attacks. 

Its unique ability can reflect enemy projectiles with skills Shield of Spirits. So that Lolita's teammates can reduce the damage received. 

Then what hurts Lolita's skill set is her Ultimate. Lolita's ultimate skill can easily stop the opponent's movements.

Lolita is the best choice to protect teammates, she is also strong enough to face strong fighter heroes in season 31. 

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Hilda Hero Tank hurts 2024
Hilda Hero Tank hurts 2024. Source: VCGamers

Even though Hilda is not included in the tank hero category, she is nominated for the strongest fighter hero who is suitable for playing the tank role.

Hilda is quite effective as a tank or roamer for teams facing thin-blooded hyper heroes.

This means that he will be the right choice when your team meets hypers like Granger, Yi Sun Shin and other walking jungler heroes. 

Hilda's skill, which can increase movement speed and increase HP when hiding in the grass, is very effective for you to use to disrupt your opponent's buff.

Hilda is included in the ranks of Tank heroes who have painful damage. Hilda's skill set also supports her to become a high damage roamer in the Land of Dawn.

When you play solo rank and have to play roamer or tanker, use Hilda and keep using a full defense build.

Even though Hilda has a skill that allows her movement speed to increase, there's no harm in using the sprint spell to increase Hilda's mobility. 

Use Hilda and don't try to win before late game. Because Hilda feels very soft when she has to face marksman and hyper opponents whose builds are already ready. 


yin mobile legends (5)
Edith – Celestial Safeguard (Source: Mobile Legends Fandom)

For you user Impromptu tank that you have to become a roamer because you met an annoying team, just use it straight away Edith.

Edith is one of the sickest tank heroes in 2024 because of her ultimate skill which can shoot lightning from a distance. 

With her thick blood, skill set that has a Crowd Control effect, Edith is the right hero for you to choose if you want a tank hero who still has damage. 

Edith's weakness is her skill set which you have to use precisely on target. You will suffer a big loss when your second skill fails to hit the enemy.

But to get around all of that, use the flicker skill to help Edith's mobility when running away. 

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Hero Gatot Kaca
Hero Gatot Kaca. Source: Mobile Legends

Gatotkacha is a hero inspired by Javanese mythology. Just like the story, Gatotkaca's flying ability is applied to his ultimate skill. 

Even though he was born as a Tank hero, Gatotkaca can also be used as a fighter in the EXP lane. Gatotkaca has the ability to strengthen his own defense and that of his teammates with skills Avatar of The Guardian. 

This skill allows him to reduce attacks from nearby enemies. Gatotkaca's Unbreakable skill is also able to release area damage with a taunt effect. 

With his defensive strength and Crow Control skills, Gatotkaca can be a tough roamer and a strong EXP Lane.

Gatotkaca is the right choice for those of you who want a tank hero who still has a little damage. 


Johnson Hero Tank Is Sick
Johnson Hero Tank Is Sick. Source: Mobile Legends

Johnson is a hero in the form of a robot who can transform into a car like the one in the Transformer movie.

A hero with high durability and a skill set that has high damage makes him one of the recommendations for the sickest tank hero in 2024.

Apart from the ultimate which is able to kill thin-blooded enemies easily. Johnson also has two skills Electromagnetic Waves which has no less painful damage.

Because Johnson is a tank hero, he is also equipped with a passive skill in the form of an Electro Airbag to protect himself when his HP is low.

If you want a tank hero with the mobility to rotate then Johnson is the most appropriate choice. 

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Akai Skin Akazone
Akai Skin Akazone. Source: Mobile Legends

Akai is a tank hero Mobile Legends which is currently popular in Mobile Legends. He is included in the ranks of tank heroes with the worst damage thanks to his skill set. 

Even though Akai is a Tank hero, you can find many Mobile Legends players who use him as a hyper. Even when players play Akai hyper, they still use a full defense build.

Akai is a special tank hero, even if he uses a tank build, he is still able to deal painful damage to his opponents. You have to have the right calculations when using Akai, especially when using Hurricane Dance hers. 

Because if you are careless, Akai's ultimate skill will actually ruin the game. It is possible that Akai's ultimate skill will actually keep the opponent out of reach of his teammates. 


Hero Tank Barats
Hero Tank Barats. Source: Mobile Legends

Barats is a hero in the form of a giant lizard who is a tank/fighter. Actually, this tank hero is not suitable to be used as a roamer because he has the most damage among other heroes. 

This tank hero has just been revamped by Moonton, this makes him a hero who has painful damage and also has thick blood. That's why many Mobile Legends players use Barats to fill hyper roles rather than roamers. 

When you want to play a hyper role with this hero, keep using it Barats build hurts which consists of defense items. Barats still has painful damage even though he has to use defense items.

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