Leaked 2 New MLBB 2024 Heroes, Tank and Mage!

New MLBB Hero Leaks

After the end of December 2023, Moonton released a new fighter hero, Cici. In 2024, leaks are circulating about the appearance of another new MLBB hero. 

It is reported that Moonton will release two new heroes from the roles of Tank and Mage. The new heroes are Chip and Zhu Xin, both of whom are currently being tested at advance server. 

Advance server is a place to test several new heroes, before Moonton releases its new characters on the local server. 

Are you curious about what skills these two new MLBB heroes in 2024 have? Just read this article until the end to learn more about Moonton's two new heroes. 

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New MLBB Tank Hero Chip

New MLBB Tank Hero
Leaked Appearance of the new MLBB Hero.

Surely you are curious about this new hero. Before discussing the skills in detail, let's look at the following brief review of Chip.

Chip is a non-humanoid Moonton hero or not in human form like Nolan and Cici.

The form of a riding brown fox hovercraft like Jawhead. Quoting from Youtube VY Gaming, in Land of Dawn Chip will compete as Tank/Support. 

Chip can call teammates to do combos by teleporting teammates to the desired location very easily. 

So what are the skill sets of this new MLBB hero? Just take a look at the following leak of the new MLBB hero.


This new hero has a passive skill that will be active when he leaves the fight. This skill is useful for recovering HP by 150+15% HP after consuming one pack of potato chips. 

After finishing the potato chips, Chip was only able to eat them again after 5 seconds. You could say that Chip's passive skill is similar to Franco's, which can increase blood when running from a fight. 

Skill 1

One Chip skill display

Skill I Chip has a cooldown time of 5.5 -4 seconds. By using this skill, Chip will hit the ship he is riding on to the ground.

This skill deals Magic Damage equivalent to 220 + 5% HP of the target. This skill leaves a Chip's Mark on animals hit by the ship. 

When Chip attacks a hero with Chip's Mark again, there will be a stun effect on the opponent.

This skill also provides a Chip Shield which increases by 20% every time the skill hits an opponent. The ability of this chip can give it 300+60% Magic power.

After using skill one, the next Basic Attack Chip will be a long-range attack. This long-range shot will hit every opponent around Chips who already has Chip's Mark.

Chip's Mark itself can deal Magic Damage up to causing a stun effect for 0.6 seconds. 

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Skills 2

When the skills of these two new MLBB heroes hit the enemy, the enemy will get knockback and crowd control effects. This skill allows Chip to dash or dash quickly towards the enemy. 

After using this skill, Chips will have additional +65% Movement Speed and increase Basic Attack. This power has a cooldown of 15-10 seconds.

Ultimate Skills

Three Chip Skill Display

Chip's ultimate skill is the most special, because it is very useful when ganking enemy heroes. This new ultimate hero will open a portal, when the portal hits the opponent's hero, an Airborne effect will occur for 0.8 seconds and deal 600 Magic Damage. 

Apart from that, Chip's portal can also be useful as a link to teammates. More precisely, CHip's portal is a suggestion for teleportation from the connecting portal to the main portal or vice versa. 

The first portal with a connecting portal can only last for 15 seconds. The portal cannot connect teammates who are 8 units away from the Chip.

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Skill 4

4 Chip skill display

Chip has four skill sets. The fourth skill is in the form of four flares. The beacon functions to teleport to the beacon that Chip wants. 

You could say that Chip's beacon is similar to Yi Sun Shin's. This skill really helps Chip to escape from enemy ambushes.

So, for Vicigers who are curious and want to immediately play this fox hero, you have to be patient first. Until today this article was written, there was no official information regarding the release schedule for this new MLBB hero. 

It is estimated that this new hero will be released after the release of the Starlight skin in February 2024. However, this is only an estimate because it could be that the release schedule for this new MLBB hero is delayed from February.

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Zhu Xin New Hero Mage MLBB 2024

Leaked Appearance of Zhu Xin, Leaked New MLBB Hero
Leaked Appearance of Zhu Xin. Source: Youtube DarkB Gaming

This leaked new MLBB hero will occupy the role of mage and become the 125th hero in the list Mobile Legends. Zhu Xin is a girl who wears traditional Chinese clothing. 

The appearance of the weapon is like a sword hilt that releases butterflies from within it. You could say it is a whip but it is more similar to Mitsuri Kanroji's elastic sword in the Anime Demon Slayer. 

With the appearance of this unique weapon, what is Zhu Xin's skill set like? Just take a look at the following explanation:

Passive Skill – Soul Lamp

Zhu Xin's first skill which will be the topic of discussion is his passive skill. Zhu Xin's passive skill works by collecting up to 5 Soul Lamps. This passive will be collected every time he deals damage to an enemy. 

When he has successfully collected five stacks of Spirit Lamps, Zhu Xin will trigger a Knockup effect on the target hero. However, if Hu Xin doesn't use it, the accumulated Spirit Lamps will disappear after a while.

Skill 1 – Soul Lantern

One Zhu Xin's skill display - Leaked New MLBB Hero
One Zhu Xin skill display Source: Youtube Dark B Gaming

Continue to skill one Zhu Xin. This ability works when Zhu Xin throws the lantern at the opponent. Soul Lantern will give 1 stack of Soul Lamp passive skills. 

Soul Lantern will continue to move forward and deal magic damage to enemies hit. Zhu Xin is able to use this skill to direct his lantern to a new location that he wants. 

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Skill 2 – Spirit Bond

Zhu Xin's second skill
Zhu Xin's second skill. Source: Youtube DarkB Gaming

Zhu Xin's second skill is similar to Lylia's skill. Zhu Xin plants flowers that can deal magic damage to enemies in the area. 

With this skill, Zhu When this skill hits an enemy, Zhu Xin's Soul Lamp will increase by one stack.

Skill 3 – Phantom Domain

Ultimate Zhu Xin Leaks New MLBB Hero
Ultimate Zhu Xin. Source: Youtube DarkB Gaming

When activating this skill, Zhu Xin will open a portal in the specified area. This skill can provide magic damage to opponents in the area and even slow down the opponent's steps. 

Unfortunately there is no definite information on when Moonton will release this hero to the local server. Currently Zhu Xin can only be played by Vicigers Advanced Server because it is still in the refinement stage.

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