5 Counter Heroes 2024 That Can Make Alice Scared!

You might have a hard time beating Alice with his deadly skills when he met in the Land of Dawn. Therefore, you need to use the best Alice hero counter in 2024.

This hero with the Mage role often runs rampant in the Land of Dawn with his terrifying regeneration and lifesteal. But don't worry, even though it's difficult to beat, that doesn't mean Alice can't be countered.

There are several tough heroes who can make him "whine" or lose his dominance in the arena. Who are they? Come on, check out the review!

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List of Hero Counter Alice 2024

You are certainly curious about the heroes that can be used to face Alice. Who are they? Check out Alice's 5 hero counters in 2024 that will make her nervous!


Counter Alice
Chou. Source: Mobile Legends

The King of Kicks has crowd control skills that are capable of locking up Alice. Ultimate skills Chou, can kick Alice into the air and render her helpless. Use this skill when Alice uses Blood Ode to break her regen.

Chou has burst damage high enough to finish off Alice. Chou's Skills 1 and 2 can deal quite a lot of damage to Alice.

Chou's ultimate skill can also cause great damage and immediately finish off Alice if it is not anticipated properly.

By using Chou effectively, you can make him cry in fear in the arena and lead your team to victory!

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Counter Alice
Hanabi. Source: YouTube.

This tiny marksman has a passive skill that makes him immune to magic damage. This makes it difficult for Alice to finish off Hanabi. Use Hanabi's ultimate skill to trap Alice and cause big damage.

Hanabi has a much longer attack distance than Alice. This allows Hanabi to attack him from a distance without taking damage.

Hanabi also has fast farming abilities with her passive skills. This allows Hanabi to get items faster and become stronger from them.


Counter Alice
Aldous. Source: Novazenn

This barbarian fighter is famous for his ultimate skill which can lock on one target. Use ultimate skills Aldous, to chase Alice and finish her off with other skills.

Aldous' ultimate skill cannot be avoided easily, because it has a lock-on effect. This makes it difficult to escape when Aldous uses this skill.

Aldous is an effective counter for Alice because of its high burst damage, lock-on ability, high resistance, anti-regen, and high mobility.


Counter Alice
Harley. Source: YouTube.

This mischievous clown has crowd control skills that can frustrate Alice. Use Harley's ultimate skill, Magic Strings, to bind Alice and make her unable to move.

Harley's passive skill is able to reduce the Magic Defense of opponents who are hit by her skills. This is very effective against Alice, who relies on regen and lifesteal from her skills that have magic damage.

Harley is also famous for its high agility. Her skills, such as Magic Shoes and Poker Trick, allow Harley to move quickly and avoid Alice's skills.

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Kaja. Source: YouTube.

This voodoo witch has the ultimate skill that can attract Alice towards her. Use Kaja's ultimate skill, Wrath of the Abyss, to draw Alice into the team and finish her off together.

Kaja has a very effective skillset to fight Alice. With his ultimate skill, Kaja can disrupt Alice's regen and make her an easy target.

Kaja can also buy anti-regen items to reduce Alice's regen effect. With the right combination of skills, Kaja and his team can easily kill Alice.

Those are the 5 hero counters for 2024 that can make Alice cry in fear. Remember that this counter is only a guide, and you must continue to adapt your strategy to the situation in the arena.

Keep practicing and improving your skills to become the best summoner in the Land of Dawn!

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