The Painful Hanabi Revamp Build Recommendation for 2023

Build Hanabi 2023, Update Patch Mobile Legends

Moonton provides a variety revamp or the adjustment of the assessed hero must change for the better. One of the heroes affected by the revamp is Hanabi.

Due to a skill change, this time VCGamers will discuss Hanabi build recommendations after experiencing a revamp. Even though it's not that significant, this revamp has been eagerly awaited by Mobile Legends players, especially Hanabi players.

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List of the Painful Hanabi Revamp Builds for 2023

After getting the revamp, this marksman hero is often discussed by Mobile Legends players. The reason is, many skills have changed like the first skill, namely Equinox.

The following is a list of Hanabi's hurting builds after getting the revamp. Curious what items are suitable for Hanabi this year? Come on, see the list of items below!

Swift Boots

Swift Boots for Build Hanabi Revamp
Swift Boots for Build Hanabi Revamp. Source: VCGamers

Swift Boots are the right choice of shoes for Hanabi. This shoe provides +40 Movement Speed like other shoes, but also provides an additional Attack Speed of +15%.

As a marksman, Hanabi will be greatly helped by these additional stats. The resulting Attack Speed will increase, so the damage output will also increase.

Hero marksman usually uses Basic Attack as the main source of damage. Therefore, Swift Boots will help increase the damage from Basic Attacks from increasing Attack Speed.

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Corrosion Scythe

Corrosion Scythe
Corrosion Scythe Item Damage. Source: VCGamers

After the shoe item, you can use Corrosion Scythe. This damage item also increases Attack Speed up to 35% so marksman heroes who have just received a revamp will issue Basic Attacks more often.

Other additional stats are +30 Physical Attack and +5% Movement Speed. These two additional stats are very useful because Physical Attack will increase the overall damage output. What's more, the additional Movement Speed also provides mobility.

This one damage item has two unique passives named Corrosion and Impulse. Corrosion will provide a buff against Basic Attack in the form of additional +80 Physical Damage and also gives a slow effect to enemies affected by the Basic Attack for 1.5 seconds.

Finally, a unique passive called Impulse also provides a buff against Basic Attacks in the form of an additional +6% Attack Speed for three seconds and can be increased up to 5 times.

Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword for Hanabi
Demon Hunter Sword or DHS. Source: VCGamers

The Demon Hunter Sword is a fairly well-known item, especially for marksman and heroes who provide Physical Attack.

The reason is, DHS provides additional Physical Attack stats of up to +35 and Attack Speed of up to +25%. These additional stats are very meaningful for heroes who have a source of damage in the form of Physical Attack.

If you buy this item, you will get a unique passive called Devour. Devour offers two effects at once, namely additional damage to Basic Attacks according to the enemy's HP.

Furthermore, Devour also provides Physical Lifesteal of up to 3% against the damage from the resulting Basic Attacks.

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Golden Staff

Golden Staff for Hanabi
Golden Staff Item Marksman. Source: VCGamers

Next, you can use Golden Staff for Hanabi because the additional stats are very suitable. First, you will get +65 Physical Attack which really helps the damage output of this marksman revamp.

The additional +15% Attack Speed will also be very useful because the Basic Attacks issued also increase. What's more, the Golden Staff also provides two unique passives that will make Hanabi's damage output even more painful.

The first unique passive, namely Swift, will increase Attack Speed based on the Crit Chance you have. Second, there is a unique passive called Endless Strike which gives a buff to Attack Speed every two Basic Attacks that don't issue Crit Damage.

Windtalker for Hanabi

Hanabi Using Windtalker. Source: VCGamers

The next item for building Hanabi after this revamp is Windtalker. Windtalker is also quite popular, especially for marksman heroes who rely on Basic Attacks as the main source of damage.

The reason is, Windtalker provides an extra +40% Attack Speed which is very useful for the damage output of Basic Attacks. Furthermore, Hanabi will also receive +20 Movement Speed to make her more agile when teamfights occur.

For a unique passive from Windtalker, heroes who use this item will get a buff against Basic Attacks that hit the enemy successfully. The buff is an additional 150 to 362 Magic Damage.

If the unique passive is active, the Windtalker user hero will receive additional Movement Speed.

Thus the discussion regarding the painful Hanabi build after the 2023 revamp, hope this is useful!

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