Auto Win Golds! This is the trick for playing Gold Lane Mobile Legends

Tricks for playing gold lane

Of course, you want to know the tricks of playing on the Gold Lane. Moreover, in the previous patch update there were many buffs against marksman heroes in the game Mobile Legends.

Heroes Marksman generally placed in the gold lane. With the aim of being able to provide great damage to the war team when entering the mid game to the late game.

Gold lane is a lane that is on the side of the game MLBB, where this lane is the furthest lane from the first turtle position.

This lane is a lane that can provide the most gold compared to other lanes, so it's no wonder this lane is occupied by heroes who really need items.

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Tricks Win Gold

There are several tricks that have been summarized so that you can play the Gold Lane well. Here's a trick to get a lot of Gold in the Mobile Legends game that you need to know:

Doubt Plating? Hide at the Edge of the Grass

Hiding in the Upper Lane Grass

The first trick is to determine the right position when Plating. Previously, what is plating?

In the world of Mobile Legends, in the first 5 minutes the turret has a golden coating that protects the turret so it takes longer to destroy.

When our hero deals damage to the turret that has the gold shield or more commonly referred to as plating, our hero will get additional gold from the opponent's turret.

However, of course the opposing hero will always prevent us from plating.

Even though we have defeated the opposing hero, plating is still prone to be carried out because generally the opposing midlaner, roamer, to jungler will help defend the turret that we are attacking.

Hiding in the Lower Grass Lane

Now, when you are unsure about plating, you can really do this trick so that your gold can still be superior to your opponent.

The trick is quite easy, just hide at the end of the grass near the turret and let our minions do the plating.

No need to worry when hiding at the end of the grass, the gold turret will still be obtained because it is still within range of the turret. In addition, our position will not be detected by the opposing hero.

This trick can be done on the upper lane or the lower lane. So no need to worry about goldlane being at the top or bottom.

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Two Lane Farming

Take gold minion in 2 lane (goldlane and midlane)

Continue to the second trick, where this trick is quite risky but provides higher profits if successful. This second trick is to take one wave minion in two lanes.

You need to know, one minion wave will spawn at 10 seconds and 40 seconds every minute. So before seconds, you have to be prepared to clean up one wave minion in your lane then head straight to the midlane to clean up one more wave minion.

You also have to maximize the heroes you use in goldlane, what do you mean?

So, if the hero you are using has the ability to quickly clear minions, then try cutting minions.

The way to cut minions is to clear one wave minion behind the opponent's turret. If you are able to do this, it will make it easier for you to move to the midlane to clean wave minions.

However, because cutting minions is quite risky, you can invite roamers on your team to cut minions together.

So, those are 2 tricks for goldlane that will make your hero win gold if you do it successfully.

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Tips for Playing Gold Lane

Minimap Mobile Legends
Illustration Map Mobile Legends. Source: SPIN Esports

After reading the 2 tricks above, here are a few tips when playing goldlane.

Always Pay Attention to the Map

The first tip is to always pay attention to the map. When you don't see any enemies on the map, please be careful to clean up the minions.

Try to hide behind the turret first to avoid ganking from your opponent.

Maintain a distance

Things that many people already know but still often forget to do. Goldlane heroes are heroes that have high damage when they have enough items.

However, the weakness of the heroes in gold lane is to have a thin HP. For that, always keep your distance when the team is doing war. Find the best and safest position to damage the opposing team.

Help War

Often goldlane is too focused on only clearing minions on his lane. This is indeed good, but keep in mind when you have enough items, try to help the team in doing war.

Remember! the hero in goldlane is one of the heroes who will be the biggest damage giver in a war.

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