The Painful Build of Kaja 2023, Suitable for Beginner Players!

Kaja is a hero support and Fighters favorite of most players Mobile Legends. The high interest in Kaja's hero will make players look for the best 2023 Build Kaja so that gameplay more maximal.

Kaja's builds are actually quite dynamic. Every year not so much revamp, buff or nerf of these heroes. However, in 2023 there will be lots of players who want to practice using Kaja.

Answering that problem, VCGamers News will provide recommendations for the best Kaja Hyper Build in 2023. This recommendation is suitable for beginners because it is used by pro Kaja players.

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The 2023 Painful Kaja Build Recommendation

A player needs to know the suitability of the items with the skills possessed by each hero in MLBB. We make sure that the following Kaja builds will suit Kaja's skill attributes so that he has more pain damage throughout the gameplay.

Arcane Boots for Painful Kaja Build 2023

Build Arcane Boots
Arcane Boots. Source: VCGamers.

As usual, the first item a Magical Power hero will take is a shoe item. Function so that the mobility of the hero is faster to take the needed buff.

Kaja goes very well with Arcane Boots. This is caused by Arcane Boots which will add +10 Magical Penetration and also +40 Movement Speed.

The Arcane Boots item is also known to be able to increase Magic Attack so that it can help Kaja finish Minions in a faster time. In addition, this shoe item is also cheaper than other shoe items.

Lightning Truncheon for the Painful Build of Kaja 2023

Lightning Truncheon Build Kaja
The Painful Lightning Truncheon Build Kaja 2023.

This item is a Magical Damage item that actively provides support for Burst Damage skills. Of course this item will make Ultimate Kaja's skill hurt even more because Ultimate Kaja is a Burst Damage type skill.

With a price of 2250 gold, the Kaja Hyper that you run will have additional attributes in the form of +300 Mana, +10% Cooldown Reduction and also +75 Magic Power. The additional Magic Power is very effective for killing opponents who use Marksman and Mage.

This item is further strengthened by the existence of a passive skill called Resonate. Where this passive skill will give Kaja 20-1000 Magic Damage periodically to three enemy heroes.

Clock of Destiny

Build Kaja Pain Clock Destiny
Clock of Destiny as the best item for Kaja.

It would be more ideal if the high damage is balanced with an additional balanced defense. Clock of Destiny is the answer for those of you who want to make Kaja sick, but also have superior durability.

This one item can be purchased when you have only 1950 gold. After that, Kaja will get an additional +60 Magic Power, +600 Mana and +615 HP.

The Clock of Destiny item has two beneficial passive skills. First, you will get an additional +4 Magic Power every 20 seconds with a maximum of 12 stack. There is also a Reincarnate passive skill where the hero will get +5% Magic Power +300 Where each stack time is maximized.

Concentrated Energy

Build Kaja Concentrated Energy
Build Kaja Using Concentrated Energy. Source: VCGamers

Kaja's attacks will be more effective with the addition of Concentrated Energy items. Choosing this item is a good choice when you want to make a hero own Lifesteal tall one.

Additional Lifesteal for this item comes from its passive skill, namely Recharge which will add +10% Max HP when killing an opponent and +25% Magical Lifesteal.

This item priced at 2020 gold will provide +700 HP and +70 Magic Power. The combination of additional attributes in this item will make the hero even more dangerous for enemies.

Holy Crystals

Holy Crystal Items
Holy Crystal items.

This item is perfect for optimizing Kaja's Ultimate skill. How come? By buying this item, the hero will get +100 Magic Power which is a big number to provide additional Burst Damage.

The passive skill of this item is called Mystery, which is a passive skill to add 21-35% Magic Power periodically every time the hero levels up. You can buy this item for 2180 gold.

Calamity Reapers

Mobile Legends Calamity Reaper
Calamity Reaper Item.

This Magic item has a myriad of benefits for Magical Damage heroes. This item is included as a favorite item and is often used against enemy heroes even though it is only sold for 1950 gold.

The benefits provided are additional +100 Mana, +6 Mana Regen, +70 Magic Power and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

One of the highlights of this item is its passive skill called Calamity. When active, the passive skill will provide +120% Magic Power for basic attacks for three seconds. Not only that, his passive also provides additional 10% Movement Speed for 15 seconds.

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How to Maximize the Painful Kaja Build 2023

Build items are mere build items if they are not accompanied by an understanding of the heroes they have. You need to know Kaja's strengths and weaknesses so that the build items we recommend can be more optimal and effective.

Kaja's main strengths are Ultimate skill with deadly Crowd Control, has agile movement with skill two and has range attacks the good one. Kaja's weakness lies in its low durability early game and tends to be weak in the Late Game.

In order to minimize Kaja's weaknesses, we will also provide tips and tricks to improve your Kaja gameplay. Here's how.

Activate the Ultimate Skill with the Right Momentum

Kaja's main key lies in his Ultimate skill which is able to attract opponents with his whip. Besides being able to attract opponents, this skill also provides Burst Damage which reaches 600 Magical Damage. Make sure you use this skill called Divine Judgment on enemy heroes who are trying to run away or have low HP.

Follow Team Raid

Team attacks or Ganking attacks really suit Kaja's presence. Because Kaja's second skill called Ring of Order is able to give a slow effect to the opponent.

Play Aggressively

The build recommendations we provided above will be more effective when combined with an aggressive playstyle. Because the build items above are a group of items that tend to give additional Magical Damage to Kaja.

Use Passive Skills with the Right Timing

Kaja's passive skill is called Wrath Sanction which every six seconds will give +100 Magic Power to Kaja's Basic Attack. This passive skill is very powerful when on early game especially when there is war. Because this skill will also target three other enemies that are close together.

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Yes, that's the discussion about Build Kaja along with tips for playing it optimally. You can imitate all the tips and build items in this article so that your Kaja playing skills are even better.

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