Deadliest Terizla Explane Tips, Apply This!

Tips Terizla Explane

Despite getting some buffs Mobile Legends, Terizla has a reputation as one of the deadliest heroes. Especially if you know the deadliest Terizla eplane tips, you will be unmatched.

The advantage of this Moniyan boss is its high damage rate and unique area of ​​effect (AoE) in battle. Unfortunately, not all skills can actually use the power of this special hero. 

He is indeed strong, but unfortunately he also has various weaknesses that can become obstacles to victory. So you have to apply the tips Terizla explane to maximize its benefits. 

With the right playing style, he has the ability to become an unbeatable hero. Come on, see the explanation below!

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The Best Terizla Explane Tips


If you want to make this hero even deadlier at explane, you need some tips right. Please apply some of the methods below that will make you invincible.

Don't buy Attack Speed Items 

Demon Hunter Sword
Demon Hunter Sword is an item attack speed. Source: VCGamers.

This hero's attack speed value is actually full, meaning it won't change or develop. This position is preserved in Smith's art. 

In his skills, Terizla's attack speed will not increase. Every 1 percent increase in automatic attack speed will be converted into 1 physical attack. 

This situation forces us, the hero players, not to buy items with attack speed charges, such as the Demon Hunter Sword, Scarlet Ghost, Mortal Blade, or Corrosion Scythe.

Of course there's nothing wrong with buying Speed ​​Attack​​​​​​​​ However, on the other hand, it would be better to increase damage, protection and control. Choosing these things will have a more effective effect on the battle. 

Play with Hero Core 

What are Cores?
Fanny is a core hero. Source; VCGamers.

One of the Terizla explane tips that you shouldn't miss is playing with the Core hero. You must already know that this hero can be both a starter and a hitter that deals great damage and long AoE.

Unfortunately, even though it has a high damage rate, it cannot kill enemies in one shot, especially Hero Tanks or Cores. Especially if the game has reached the end of the game. 

He should also be called a flavor tanker boxer, not a real boxer. This situation makes him need additional damage from teammates during team fights, especially Hero Carry like Claude, Karrie or Granger. With the help of the right damage and skills, he can kill enemy heroes very quickly.

Kill Enemy Using Skill 2

Skill 2 hero Terizla. Source: VCGamers.

This hero skill has special damage. You can use it to charge and even kill enemy heroes with Execution Strike. 

This skill is similar to Hilda's skill 2 where this hero will swing his hammer three times. Opponents will also feel the 30 percent slow effect and can stack it. 

As you know, the ultimate skill of this hero can make your enemies stop. Besides that, this skill also creates a chain that will attract the enemy three times. 

This skill is very suitable as an opening attack and the damage is very high. Opponents will never give up, especially if you have a team with a good mix of heroes. 

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Use the Correct Combo

The correct Terizla hero combo. Source: VCGamers.

This hero has a very slow movement, making it very difficult to do one-on-one combos. But, you can try to make this combination for team fights and big matches. 

First, you can reward your opponent's hero using skill 1 and give your opponent a slow effect. Then follow him to use the Ultimate Penalty Zone skill when opening the battle. 

If many heroes meet, you can join the fight with other heroes. Cast skill 2 until it's finished, the damage hurts and can also be reduced. Then use skill 1 to enter again.

This combination is perfect for winning battles. If configured, the combination will look like this: 

  • Skill 1 and Skill 2 and skill 1 
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By applying the Terizla explane tips above, it will be easier for you to win the battle in the Land Of Dawn. For cheap Mobile Legends diamond top ups, only at VCGamers!

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