5 Advantages of Hero Terizla in Mobile Legends, Deadly CC!


Terizla is one of the most popular fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is easy to find when playing ranked or classic games. He has excellent combat skills, this hero can withstand high damage and fight many enemy heroes at once.

For those who are interested in using this hero, here are five advantages that the hero Terizla has. What are the advantages? Let's see below. 

List of Hero Terizla's Strengths

For those of you who still don't know and are not interested in using this one hero, you must first know some of the advantages that can make you collect.

Has Very High Stability

the ML hero with the best stability

The first advantage that the hero Terizla has is that he has high durability, this advantage makes him difficult to kill, he is able to fight many heroes at once and play barbarians.

Not from the equipment used, he has high resistance because of his passive skill (Body of Smith). This skill changes every 2 percent of lost HP it converts to 1 percent damage reduction (up to 45 percent).

Deadly CC Skills

deadly skills from the hero Terizla

The second advantage possessed by the hero Terizla is that he has a very deadly crowd control skill, this allows him to lock and kill opposing heroes very quickly.

Of the four skills possessed by this hero, three of them are capable of providing crowd control effects. Skill one, namely (Revenge Strike) he splits hold in the specified direction, gives 300 (+ 80 percent extra physical attack), gives a slow effect of 30 percent and increases his movement speed by 25 percent for three seconds. 

Skill two, namely (Execution Strike) he swings his hammer forward three times and each attack gives a slow effect of 15 percent for 1.5 seconds.

Then the last is the ultimate skill (Penalty Zone) he jumps in the specified direction, gives 300 (+ 100 percent total physical attack), causes a slow effect of 40 percent and the target will be tied and pulled several times. 

One of the Offlaners

Build Terizla
Terizla is the best offlaner hero in Mobile Legends

The third advantage that the hero Terizla has is that he is not offlaner heroes strongest at the moment. Offlaners are a very difficult task in Mobile Legends because offlaners are the easiest lane to destroy, they are usually bombed and offlaner heroes have to protect this lane alone.

He can hold a job well, because the skills of these two heroes can easily clean minions, skill one and his ultimate skill can also be used to lock and kill opposing heroes. Offlaner towers are completely safe when protected. 

Easy to use

easy-to-use ML heroes

The fourth advantage that the Terizla hero has is that it is easy to control, which makes many users of this hero play well and not be a burden on the team.

This hero is actually very simple, his skills don't require hand speed, his instincts aren't strong, and of course combo skills aren't complicated.

To kill a hero against him, you only need to use the following combination of skills: First skill, highest skill and second skill. It's that easy, right?

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Can Become a Tank Hero

Terizla can be a Tank hero in Mobile Legends

The last advantage of Terizla's hero is that it can be used as tank heroes, this advantage is that he can play bars and has the opportunity to get MVP.

This hero can be used as a tank hero because of his high endurance and deadly crowd control abilities. The hero's passive skill (Body of Smith) is a skill that makes Terizla very strong, while skill one, skill two, and skill three are skills that can provide a crowd control effect.

Of course, with all these abilities, he can easily protect the hero's core and withstand all the damage from all the opponent's hero attacks. He really is versatile. 

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So, those are the five advantages that Terizla has in Mobile Legends. Seeing all the abilities this hero has, of course he is highly recommended for purchase and use. Interested in trying it?

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