5 Best ML Tank Heroes in Season 25, Must Pick!

The Most Agile Tank Hero

ML Tanks define every team in almost every MOBA game, incl Mobile Legends Bang Bang is no exception. 

The ML tank is a defensive character that keeps the front line and repels enemies so that other DPS characters can score points. This article will present a list of the best ML tanks that support various gameplay and team compositions. 

List of the Best ML Tanks Season 25

This time, VCGamers will discuss about the strongest ML tank hero in 2022 in Mobile Legends which is currently strong and widely used by ML players as their mainstay hero for pushing. 


ML tanks
Akai as the best Tank in Mobile Legends. Source: Gamefinity

Akai definitely included in the list of the best ML tank heroes in 2022, this tank hero became OP because it got a lot of buffs and changes after being rarely used for a long time.

In fact, it is not uncommon for Akai to be used as a jungler or hypercarry hero because the damage from Akai's attacks is so painful. Apart from being a jungler, Akai can also play as a roamer because this hero is a tank.

Akai has crowd control abilities that are able to defeat enemies when he meets them, with his perfect skills he can crush and kick opponents when they hit the opponent's wall and become stun and helpless.

Akai is very reliable to start a war or become an initiator, his cc and passive skills are very helpful. 


ML tanks
Tigreal as the best Tank in Mobile Legends

The next hero is Tigreal, one of the heroes with the best crowd control skills. Of course, Tigreal is well known by many Mobile Legends players because this hero can do good and perfect montages, but that depends on the pilot.

If you want to find a tank hero who has good CC skills and is perfect for distracting your opponent, then just use Tigreal. This hero can riot buff enemies using skill 2, of course it's very annoying, especially for enemy hyper heroes.

If Tigreal's battle or team fight can use his combo flag, namely Flicker and his ultimate skill, if he can hit many opponents, it is very possible to win the battle and he can even turn things around or come back.


ML tanks
Johnson as the best Tank in Mobile Legends

Of course, Mobile Legends players know and know the hero named Johnson, this hero is also one of the strongest heroes in 2022.

Johnson has a unique ability, namely that he can turn himself into a car, with this ability he can move. all over the map and can be used to hit enemies.

This hero is a very good tank when combined with other heroes, especially those with crowd control or AoE (area of ​​​​attack) effects.

Johnson is usually combined with heroes like Odette, Badang, Vale, etc., because this hero has area attacks and deadly effects. This tank also has quite a thick resistance, passively it can issue a thick shield when Johnson's blood is running low.


ML tanks
Hylos as the best hero in Mobile Legends

Hylos is one of the strongest heroes, this hero has high endurance and more blood compared to other tank heroes.

These advantages make Hylos difficult to beat and can become a shield for teammates, especially during battles or teamfights. Hylos also has a skill that can continuously attack enemies in a circular area and consume Mana if he runs out of Hylos's blood.

This hero is very reliable in war or teamfight conditions, he can protect his teammates thanks to his high durability and blood, besides having the best skills, he moves very fast.

To make it stronger and thicker, when using Hylos, just bring the Revitalize spell, then combo with the set skills, it's guaranteed that Hylos is hard to die. 

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ML tanks
Atlas is the best hero in Mobile Legends

The next strongest ML tank hero for 2022 is Atlas, one of the tank heroes with the best and strongest crowd control skills. Atlas does have a weaker durability than other tanks but is still strong enough to survive especially since this hero is equipped with escape skills and CC skills which are a pain to the opponent.

With his ultimate skill he can pull opponents who are hit by his chain and then slam the opponent like a smackdown, if many opponents are entangled by this skill then the possibility of war can win. 

Atlas can be relied upon as a roamer hero to rotate to other lanes, his skill 2 really helps his mobility for rotation and can even cause a stun effect if he hits an enemy.

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This tank hero is perfect for looking for moments or montages during war or team fights and combined with heroes that have area damage.

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