Evos Street Profile, The Youngest Player of Team Evos Divine

Evos Street is one of the players from the big Evos Divine team. He has achieved many achievements. Check out his career journey here.
Evos Street
Evos Street

You fans Divine Evos Of course you know one of the players named Evos Street. So, this time we will invite you to get closer to this Support figure through a review of his profile in this article.

Indonesia has many esports communities from various backgrounds games, one of which is Free Fire. With so many Free Fire communities, the esports ecosystem is also increasing.

Besides that, Games Garena's work, which has a lot of enthusiasts and active users, has had a positive influence. This is because the development of the Free Fire scene has created new types of jobs, such as pro player, coaches, team managers, and so on.

One that might be a dream for you is pro player and there are many pro player it's great to be your idol.

Garena finally has an official Free Fire competition, one of the goals of which is to produce talented players. There are many pro player born out of the competition.

Well, one pro player Evos Street is a country where there is no doubt about his ability and experience in the competitive scene in Free Fire.

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Evos Street Profile

Evos Street
Evos Street (Source: Dailysia.com)

Muhammad Afaiq or who is more familiar with the name in-game Evos Street is one of the players who is currently strengthening Evos Esports Free Fire division, Evos Divine.

In the white tiger team, the player who was born in Bekasi on June 2, 2003 is the youngest player at 19 years old. He fills the position as Support in the team and is often a mainstay because he does have an important role in the team.

Apart from being pro player from the Evos Divine team, the 19-year-old player is also active as a content creator gaming. He often makes Free Fire content on his YouTube channel, which he now owns subscribers about 1.5 million.

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Evos Street Career Journey

Evos Street
Evos Street (Source: Booyah.co.id)

Before reaching the brilliant times it is now, Evos Street's progress was one pro player certainly not easy. He went through many obstacles and sacrifices.

His name did become popular when he joined Evos Divine, but he had also strengthened for other teams. 

At the time, pro player born in Bekasi experienced a number of unpleasant incidents. He often received unpleasant treatment from colleagues in his old team.

Not only that, he was also tricked when strengthening an esports team where he did not get a salary from the team. In fact, his old team had played in competitions until they entered the league and Evos Street also often strengthened that team.

At that time Evos Street must have been very young so he was tricked and received unpleasant treatment from his team. This incident is certainly a lesson in the future, especially when choosing a team or teammates.

Not only that, at first Evos Street also did not get permission to become one pro player. This is because players who were studying at Islamic boarding schools often skipped classes to take part in the Free Fire tournament.

Of course, he also had to try hard to convince his parents to allow him to be pro player by competing in the Free Fire competition. Finally, he got permission from his parents, of course, thanks to his effort and neat appearance while playing.

He started his glorious years after joining one of the big teams, Evos Divine. The white tiger team showed interest thanks to the slick performance shown by Evos Street.

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Evos Street Achievements

Evos Street
Evos Street

Evos Street is indeed the youngest player on the team, but that doesn't stop him from being able to compete with other teammates. Evidently, he was able to become a mainstay and managed to help the team achieve many achievements.

He won almost all achievements in both national and international competitions with Evos Divine. 

Most recently, he and his team-mates succeeded in winning the FFML Season 5 Division 1 competition which made them represent Indonesia in the 2022 FFWS world championship.

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For more details, here we provide a list of achievements that Evos Street has achieved.

  • 1st place in Free Fire Master League Season 1 – 2020
  • 1st place in Free Fire Master League Season 2 – 2020
  • 1st place in Free Fire Indonesia Masters (FFIM) 2020 Fall
  • 1st place in Free Fire Indonesia Masters (FFIM) 2021 Spring
  • Fire Master League Season 4 – 2021 Division 1 Runner-up
  • 1st place in Free Fire Indonesia Masters (FFIM) Fall – 2021
  • Champion 1 Division 1 Fire Master League Season 5 – 2022

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