Famous Game Redeem Sites That Gamers Need To Know!

Redeem site

The redeem site is a site that gamers really need. The reason is, the site can become a platform for internal needs games. Without a redeem site, game development will not go well.

There are tons of games that have their own redeem site. Examples like Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, Free Fire and Genshin Impact.

This time VCGamers News will share various redeem sites for online games that you need.

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What is Redeem

FF redeem site
FF Redeem Code.

Redeem is an activity to exchange goods, assets or vouchers that we have with something else that has the same value. Although often the form, context and specifications are not the same, we need to exchange them for another need.

For example, if you have a Mobile Legends diamond voucher, then you can redeem it on a redeem site Moonton to get a number of diamonds.

It is important for you to know that the voucher redeem code that you have cannot be used multiple times. In other words, one account can only redeem vouchers once.

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Redeem Sites of Famous Online Games

Famous online games always offer a voucher to be purchased by the players. Therefore, game developers will provide a site or place for players to be able to redeem voucher codes. Here are the sites.

FF Game Redeem Sites

Garena redemption site
Garena Free Fire Redeem page.

The first redeem site came from a game made by Garena, namely Free Fire. This game is busy being played by many people from all walks of life, even small children. It's no wonder that the FF game has a voucher code that can be purchased to be redeemed for diamonds.

If you have a voucher code and want to make an exchange, you can visit the site is here. There are several terms and conditions that you must read and understand so that the voucher exchange process runs smoothly.

  • The Redemption code must contain 12 – 16 characters consisting of a combination of capital letters and also some numbers.
  • If you have entered the voucher code, the Diamond or Gold will be entered into your game account automatically and the prize items will be entered In Game Email.
  • You must pay attention to the expiration date of the voucher code that you have. Because if it reaches the expiration date, the code will be forfeited.
  • If there are problems, immediately contact Garena Customer Service for assistance.
  • Before redeeming, make sure your account is connected to your Facebook account or VK account.

There are several ways to get FF game voucher codes. Here are the methods you can use.

  • Purchase a voucher code at VCGamers Marketplace with various attractive promos and fast service.
  • Join the official FF tournament held by Garena.
  • Win a giveaway from Garena through Garena's social media.

Mobile Legends Game Redeem Site

Redeem Sites ML
Redemption Code ML.

Mobile Legends also has a website for players who want to exchange their voucher codes. If you can't wait to make a redemption, please visit the website here. After that, follow the steps that we provide below.

  • Entered into the official site is here first.
  • Enter the code that you have into the column "Redemption Code”.
  • Make sure the code consists of 17 digits consisting of a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Enter your Game ID Mobile Legends account in the column "ID Games”.
  • Don't forget to also enter your ID Server.
  • Only after that, enter the verification code in the "Verification Code" column and press "Send". Then wait at least 30 minutes to receive the verification code at in-game mailbox
  • The code is only valid according to the region in each region and can only be used once.

Where can I get the Mobile Legends game voucher code? In order to answer that question, we will write a few list way for you.

  • The easiest, fastest and surest way is to buy it directly through the service from VCGamers Marketplace here.
  • Participate in all events held by Mobile Legends.
  • Monitoring Monton's social media which will normally be

Genshin Impact Game Redeem Site

Redeem Sites Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact Redemption site.

The Genshin Impact game with its stunning character graphics will definitely make players want to collect all the characters. That's why this game also has a special code redemption site for its players.

If you have just tried this game, you can follow the steps below to exchange the code that you have.

  • First, visit the code redeem site via linkits here.
  • Then just log in with your Genshin Impact game account.
  • Choose and adjust which server you play along with enter your game nickname in the column "Character Nickname”.
  • After that, enter your redeem code in the "Redemption Code" column.
  • Finally, send your code by pressing the option "Redeem”.

Apart from using the official website, you can also redeem codes in the Genshin Impact game directly. Here's how.

  • Enter and log into the Genshin Impact game.
  • Press the button or option “Paimon” on the main screen of the Genshin Impact game.
  • Select the option “Arrangementand select your account.
  • Press option “Redemption Code”.
  • Finally, enter the code you have and then click the “Redeem” option. Your code is automatically redeemed.

You can also get the Genshin Impact game redeem code by buying it at VCGamers Marketplace through linkits here.

That's the discussion about redeem sites from famous online games that you should know about. Make sure not to enter the code incorrectly so that errors don't occur again. Always be careful in checking the expiration date, OK!

Don't forget to always buy redeem codes for your other favorite games only at VCGamers Marketplace! Hope this article is useful!

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