One Piece 1110: The Terrifying Power of the Gorosei Revealed!

In this One Piece 1110 chapter, every Gorosei shows their great strength. However, there are still many mysteries about the Gorosei.
One Piece 1110
The Power of Gorosei One Piece 1110 (Source: Tribun Banten)

One Piece 1110 has finally been released, bringing one of the most anticipated moments in the series' history, namely the appearance Gorosei in their full power form!

All this time, Gorosei has been shrouded in mystery. Their vague figure and unknown strength caused many speculations to arise. 

But, in One Piece 1110, Oda Sensei finally showing a little of the terrifying power they possessed. Curious? Come on, see the discussion below!

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Power Revealed

One Piece 1110
Luffy vs Gorosei (Source: Tribune Lombok)

chap One Piece 1110 opens with a tense scene on Egghead Island. Vegapunk, who had just finished his broadcast about the Void Century, was surprised by the arrival of Gorosei. 

These five elders appeared full of evil aura and ready to silence Vegapunk and stop the spread of information that is harmful to them.

This is where the epic moment occurs. The Gorosei, who have been shrouded in mystery, finally show their extraordinary power. Each of the Gorosei has unique powers that make them look like invincible monsters.

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The Strength of Each Gorosei

One Piece 1110
The Power of Gorosei One Piece 1110 (Source: Tribune Lombok)

As previously mentioned, One Piece chapter 1110 begins with the appearance of Gorosei on Egghead Island. They came to stop Vegapunk's broadcast which was leaking important secrets about Devil Fruit. And it is here, for the first time, that we glimpse their power.

First, there is Im-sama, the supreme leader of the Gorosei. His strength is still unknown, but he is described as having a very strong aura and being able to make his subordinates tremble in fear with just a look in his eyes.

Next, there is Saint Saturn, which has the power to “stop” Vegapunk's sound. This power appears to be related to the manipulation of sound waves, and it is possible that he has other abilities related to sound.

Then, there was Saint Mercury, who attacked CP0 agents with incredible speed. His body looked like it was made of mercury, and he was able to move with agility and lethality.

Then, there was Saint Mars, who possessed extraordinary physical strength. He is able to destroy walls with ease and even defeat giants with a single blow.

Lastly, there is Saint Venus, who has the most terrifying powers. He is able to emit a kind of energy that destroys and burns anything he touches.

The Gorosei's powers are still not fully revealed, and there are still many mysteries surrounding them. But, from the glimpse shown in One Piece chapter 1110, it is clear that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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Mysterious Power

One Piece 1110
Behind the Power of Gorosei One Piece 1110 (Source: Radar Madura)

The Gorosei's powers are still shrouded in mystery. It is not yet known whether they have Devil Fruits or other completely different powers. However, one thing is certain, their strength is very strong and can defeat even the strongest pirates.

Apart from that, the emergence of the Gorosei's power has a big influence on the world of One Piece. This shows that the World Government has much more power than previously thought. 

This also shows that they will do anything to maintain power and hide the truth about the Void Century.

This terrible Gorosei power raises many questions for fans. How did they get this power? 

What is their real goal? And what will happen next in the battle between pirates and the World Government?

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One Piece Chapter 1110 has given us a glimpse of the terrible power of the Gorosei. This power marks a new chapter in the One Piece story, and fans can't wait to see what happens next. 

Will Luffy and his friends be able to defeat the Gorosei and the World Government? The answer will only be revealed in the next chapters. Don't forget to look forward to the sequel!

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