The Most Complete List of Illegal Anime Watching Websites & Their Risks

Behind the advantages of illegal anime watching websites that you can access for free, you also have to be prepared to bear the risks
9 list of illegal anime viewing sites
Samehadaku. Source: Samahedaku

For anime lovers, sometimes access to watch anime legally can be an obstacle, either due to limited subscription fees for streaming platforms, or the availability of the anime titles you want to watch. This encourages many people to switch to illegal anime watching website.

Although accessing illegal websites is not recommended for various reasons, such as copyright infringement and potential malware, the following list of illegal anime watching websites can be a reference for those of you who want to explore the world of anime in this way. 

Let's just look at the most complete list!

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9 Most Complete List of Illegal Anime Watching Websites

The following is a list of illegal anime watching websites for you:


AnoBoy. Source: AnoBoy

This legendary illegal anime watching website offers various anime titles with complete and updated Indonesian subtitles. Its simple appearance and easy navigation makes it a favorite of many people. (


Samehadaku. Source: Samahedaku

Known for its very complete anime collection, Samehadaku provides various anime titles, ranging from popular ones to those that are rarely known. (

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Illegal anime watching website
Oploverz. Source: Oploverz

This illegal anime watching website is famous for its clear video quality and various resolution options. Oploverz also provides a community forum for anime lovers to discuss and exchange information. (


Illegal anime watching website
Anichart. Source: anichart

Anichart is an illegal anime watching website that focuses on anime information, such as release schedules, synopses, and characters. Here, you can also find links to watch the anime, although some of them may lead to illegal websites. (


Animehade offers various anime titles with English and Indonesian subtitles. This illegal anime watching website has an active community and interesting discussion forums.


Animesail. Source: animesail

Animesail is an illegal anime watching website that provides streaming and download services for anime with Indonesian subtitles for free. 

This site offers a variety of anime, from popular to little-known ones, with video quality varying from 360P to 1080P. Apart from anime, Animesail also provides a collection of donghua, or Chinese animation. (

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Illegal anime watching website
Animebatch: Source: animebatch

Focus on providing anime in batch or complete series format, so that users can watch the entire series at once. Fast updates with a wide collection, but a large number of advertisements can make the viewing experience less comfortable. (


Reiie is an illegal anime watching website that provides anime and dramas with Indonesian subtitles. The collection is quite complete, but the pop-up ads that appear can be very annoying. (

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Dangers of Watching Anime on Illegal Websites

Watching anime on illegal websites is tempting because they offer various anime titles with Indonesian subtitles for free. But, did you know that there are many dangers lurking behind that momentary pleasure? Here are some dangers you need to be aware of:

Malware and Viruses

Illegal websites often harbor dangerous malware and viruses. Malware can steal personal data, damage your device, and even lock your important files. Viruses can slow down device performance and disrupt online activities.

Low quality

Anime on illegal websites usually has low video and audio quality. This can make your viewing experience uncomfortable and ruin your enjoyment of watching anime.

Harmful to the Anime Industry

Watching anime on illegal websites means you are not officially supporting anime creators and distributors. This could hinder the production of new anime and endanger the survival of the anime industry.

Legal Risk

Accessing and watching copyrighted content on illegal websites may have legal consequences. You could be subject to a fine or even imprisonment.

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So, that's our discussion this time regarding illegal anime watching websites and their risks.

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