5 Most Effective Tigreal Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends 2024

Tigreal is one of the most popular tank heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero has strong crowd control (CC) abilities, so he can be a threat to opposing heroes. However, it also has several weaknesses that can be exploited by the right Tigreal 2024 hero counter.

This article is here to help you become an effective counter for Tigreal in 2024. So, you don't need to worry when the opposing team uses this hero.

This time the author has prepared a selection of 5 heroes, complete with explanations of their strengths and how to play. With the right strategy and the right hero, you can silence him and bring victory to your team!

Come on, read on and find the best Tigreal counter hero for you!

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List of Hero Counter Tigreal 2024

Skin Tigreal 2023
Skin Tigreal Gold Baron. Source: Mobile Legends/Youtube

There are a number of heroes that you can choose to fight Tigreal while in the Land of Dawn. This hero's abilities cannot be taken lightly.

He is able to make you immobile and be killed by other heroes in an instant.

Here are the 5 most effective Tigreal hero counters in Mobile Legends 2024.


collector nana (2)
Nana MLBB. (Source: TikTok)

Nana is a mage hero who has CC abilities which are troublesome for Tigreal. Skill 2 Nana, can turn the enemy into a doll, so that he cannot move and attack. Meanwhile, Nana's skill 1 can also have a slow and damage effect on him.

Nana is a ranged hero, so she can attack Tigreal from a long distance. This makes Nana safer from Tigreal attacks.

By using Nana correctly, you can easily defeat her and win the match.

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Counter Hero Tigreal
Odette MLBB. Source: Wikifandom Mobile Legends

Odette is a mage hero who has a wide area attack. Odette's ultimate skill can stun all heroes in the area. This can make him easily finished off by other heroes on the team.

The stun effect of Odette's ultimate skill lasts for 2.5 seconds. This gives other heroes enough time to finish off Tigreal.

Apart from that, Odette also has a lot of damage, so she can deal significant damage to Tigreal. This can make it difficult for Tigreal to survive. Odette is suitable for you to use as a counter hero. Moreover, if it is a combo with Johnson.


build Eudora
Eudora MLBB. Source: YouTube.

Eudora is a mage hero who has high burst damage. Eudora's ultimate skill can deal a lot of damage to enemies, as well as stun them.

Eudora has very high burst damage, even in the early game. This allows Eudora to easily kill Tigreal, even if he has thick armor.

Eudora's skills have a fairly long range, so Eudora can attack Tigreal from a safe distance. This makes Eudora more difficult for him to reach.


Counter Arlott
Freya MLBB. Source: UHD Wallpapers

Freya is a fighter hero who has high lifesteal abilities. Freya's ultimate skill can provide a very large lifesteal effect, so Freya can easily finish off Tigreal.

Freya's Skill 2 can also give her a slow and airborne effect. This can make it difficult for Tigreal to move and attack.

With these advantages, Freya can easily beat Tigreal in 1v1.

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tigreal counter
Karina MLBB. Source: YouTube.

Karina is an assassin hero who has high burst damage capabilities. His ultimate skill can deal a lot of damage to Tigreal, while also stunning him.

Karina has a passive that can penetrate enemy defenses. This allows Karina to easily finish off enemies, even if the enemy has high armor.

Karina's Skill 1 can also provide damage from a distance. This allows Karina to easily attack Tigreal, even if she is behind her teammates.

These are the 5 most effective Tigreal counter heroes in Mobile Legends 2024. By using these heroes, you can easily defeat them and win the match.

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You must equip the heroes above with the right items. Apart from that, you also have to be able to master their skills. So, you can determine the right time to attack or defend.

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