Latest Update on 2024 ML Diamond Prices at VCGamers

At VCGamers Marketplace you can get diamonds at a much cheaper price compared to Mobile Legends.
Price of Diamonds ML
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In-game Mobile Legends, almost all skins and other interesting items must be purchased using diamonds. If you are currently looking for the cheapest place to buy diamonds, you can buy them at VCGamers Marketplace. Because the price of ML diamonds being sold is very cheap.

Apart from selling diamonds at low prices, VCGamers Marketplace also sells various other game vouchers, starting from Free Fire, PUBG, Ragnarok, Fortnite, and many more. 

However, in this article, we will discuss specifically the price of ML diamonds. So, for those of you who are curious about other products, you can visit VCGamers Marketplace!

So, for those of you who are curious about the price of ML diamonds on VCGamers Marketplace, let's take a look at the following discussion!

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What is Diamond Mobile Legends?

Price of Diamonds ML
What is Diamond Mobile Legends? Source: VCGamers

Diamonds are one of the currencies in Mobile Legends, where with diamonds you can buy heroes, skins, emotes and other items. 

When compared to battle points that take a long time to collect and can't buy skins, using diamonds is somewhat easier and more practical.

So, do you know how useful diamonds are in Mobile Legends? Let's hurry up and buy ML diamonds right now!

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Diamond ML price at VCGamers Marketplace

How to log out of an ML account
Diamond ML price at VCGamers Marketplace. Source: Mobile Legends

If you buy diamonds from Mobile Legends directly, then you will find the price is very expensive.

So, buying at VCGamers Marketplace will allow you to get diamonds at a much cheaper price.

For those of you who are curious about the price of ML diamonds on VCGamers Marketplace, here are the details:

Passes & Memberships Current Cheapest Price at VCGamers
Weekly Diamond Pass (WDP) IDR 26,000
Weekly Diamond Pass (WDP) x2 IDR 52,500
Coupon Pass IDR 70,300
Starlight Membership IDR 77,500
Weekly Diamond Pass (WDP) x3 IDR 79,400
Weekly Diamond Pass (WDP) x4 IDR 105,300
Weekly Diamond Pass (WDP) x5 IDR 132,000
Twilight Pass IDR 141,000
Starlight Membership Plus IDR 188,000


Denom Diamond Current Cheapest Price at VCGamers
5 diamonds Rp. 1,400
10 diamonds Rp. 2,900
12 diamonds IDR 3,300
18 diamonds Rp. 4,800
19 diamonds IDR 5,200
28 diamonds IDR 7,500
36 diamonds Rp. 9,400
44 diamonds Rp. 11,200
46 diamonds Rp. 12,300
50 diamonds Rp. 13,300
56 diamonds Rp. 14,600
59 diamonds Rp. 14,900
74 diamonds IDR 18,900
85 diamonds Rp. 21,400
88 diamonds IDR 22,800
112 diamonds Rp. 28,300
114 diamonds Rp. 29,400
148 diamonds IDR 38,000
170 diamonds IDR 42,400
172 diamonds Rp. 43,900
210 diamonds IDR 53,400
222 diamonds IDR 55,300
240 diamonds IDR 60,000
257 diamonds IDR 64,000
277 diamonds IDR 70,400
282 diamonds IDR 70,500
296 diamonds IDR 73,500
300 diamonds IDR 77,500
305 diamonds IDR 78,000
344 diamonds IDR 82,600
350 diamonds IDR 89,800
370 diamonds IDR 94,100
384 diamonds IDR 98,000
408 diamonds IDR 101,800
429 diamonds IDR 107,300
514 Diamonds Rp. 129.00
518 diamonds IDR 132,100
568 diamonds IDR 138,200
601 Diamonds Rp. 147,800
706 Diamonds IDR 172,400
716 Diamonds Rp. 177,300
750 Diamonds IDR 187,800
758 Diamonds IDR 189,000
770 Diamonds Rp. 196,500
875 Diamonds IDR 213,600
878 Diamonds IDR 214,000
899 Diamonds IDR 218,500
963 Diamonds
IDR 237,200
1050 Diamonds IDR 256,500
1136 Diamonds IDR 278,700
1220 Diamonds IDR 299,500
1342 Diamonds IDR 331,800
1358 Diamonds IDR 335,800
1446 Diamonds IDR 348,800
1412 Diamonds IDR 348,800
1506 Diamonds IDR 373,200
1668 Diamonds IDR 404,800
1704 Diamonds IDR 419,200
2010 Diamonds IDR 462,500
2194 Diamonds IDR 509,800
2398 Diamonds
IDR 554,800
2539 Diamonds IDR 589,800
2578 Diamonds IDR 610,500
2700 Diamonds IDR 629,800
2855 Diamonds IDR 676,000
2901 Diamonds IDR 678,000
2976 Diamonds IDR 689,800
3073 Diamonds IDR 723,500
3423 Diamonds IDR 818,000
3688 Diamonds IDR 849,800
3738 Diamonds IDR 899,000
4020 Diamonds IDR 932,000
4032 Diamonds IDR 933,000
4394 Diamonds IDR 1,029,000
4830 Diamonds IDR 1,099,800
4958 Diamonds IDR 1,169,000
5532 Diamonds IDR 1,294,000
6030 Diamonds IDR 1,395,000
6038 Diamonds IDR 1,399,000
6238 Diamonds IDR 1,449,800
6840 Diamonds IDR 1,578,000
7050 Diamonds IDR 1,599,800
7376 Diamonds IDR 1,710,000
7502 Diamonds IDR 1,739,500
7727 Diamonds IDR 1,749,800
8040 Diamonds IDR 1,864,000
8432 Diamonds IDR 1,899,500
8850 Diamonds IDR 2,053,000
9288 Diamonds
IDR 2,167,000
9660 Diamonds IDR 2,239,000
10050 Diamonds IDR 2,327,000
16080 Diamonds IDR 3,715,000
20100 Diamonds IDR 4,668,000

Those are some of the prices for Mobile Legends diamonds on the VCGamers Marketplace. If you want to know diamond prices, for more details, you can visit the website directly!

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How to Buy ML Diamonds on VCGamers Marketplace

Lapu-Lapu Skin "Vulcan"
How to Buy ML Diamonds on VCGamers Marketplace. Source: Mobile Legends/YouTube

After you know the price of diamonds in Mobile Legends, surely you are curious to buy diamonds at low prices.

So, here are the steps to buy ML diamonds at VCGamers Marketplace:

  • First you have to enter the website or download the VCGamers application
  • Then create a VCGamers account if you don't have one yet
  • Then go to Category > click Mobile Legends or you can type diamond ML on the VCGamers main page
  • Select the number of diamonds you want to buy
  • Choose a Payment Method (DANA, QRIS, Neo Commerce, LinkAja, Shopee Pay, GoPay, BCA Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account, Danamon Virtual Account, Mandiri Virtual Account, Permata Virtual Account, Maybank Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account or Alfamart)
  • Enter user ID and zone ID in your Mobile Legends
  • Make Payment
  • The seller will send the product to the MLBB id you entered
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Now that's the way to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends at the lowest price. Let's hurry up and buy it now!

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