10 Most Complete PUBG Rankings from Bronze to Conqueror

PUBG's 10 ranks come with unique obstacles at each level. Get as many points as possible and maintain your position to level up!
PUBG rankings
PUBG Rank List. Source: Pinterest

Player Unknown's Battleground (PUBG), a game battle royale which uses a ranking system. There are 10 rank PUBG, starting from Bronzee to conqueror

With gameplayWith its charming features and various interesting features, PUBG has attracted many followers in Indonesia. Whether you choose to fight solo, duo, or squad, PUBG offers an exciting experience that can be tailored to your wishes.

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Latest 2024 PUBG Rank List

PUBG rankings
PUBG Bronze rank. Source: Lapak Gaming

Each level has considerable challenges and competition. Come on, just look at the explanation of the system rank PUBG below!


In PUBG Mobile, Bronze is the earliest player tier with 1000-1700 points. Beginner players who have not succeeded in achieving great achievements are at rank This PUBG. 

If you are still at level Bronze, you can explore the game with bots or other novice players. At level Bronze, divided into five parts viz Bronze I, II, III, IV, and V.


Though Silver still classified as a beginner, but you can see the difference in playing skills of players at this level. The experience of players at this level has increased by starting to dare to develop their playing strategies.

On tier These days, players usually have 1700-2200 points. Same as Bronze, this ranking is also divided into five, namely Silver I, II, III, IV, and also V.


The next PUBG rank level is Gold which is divided into 5 levels, that is gold I, II, III, IV, and V. At this level, players usually no longer play with bots, but real players. To achieve gold, you must have 27000 points.

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After successfully completing the level gold, now is the time for you to move up to the next level Platinum rank. At this level, players usually already know what type of weapon is more comfortable to use at any time push rank.

Starting from Platinum I up to Platinum V, you can be at this level by getting points from 2700 to 3200.


If you have succeeded in reaching this PUBG rank, it means your playing skills are quite high. The competition also feels tighter because if you lose in the middle of the game, your total points will be minus.

Just like the previous level, there are 5 levels tier this, that is Diamonds I up to Diamonds V.

PUBG rankings
PUBG Diamond Rank. Source: Lapak Gaming


Crown is included as a way to enter a bigger league at PUBG Mobile. If you are at this stage, it means you are skilled in mastering weapons and formulating strategies.

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Tiers rank PUBG is divided into 5, namely Ace I to V. Additionally, tier This is very difficult so it is usually achieved by expert players. Thanks to their cool skills, usually players at this level are often invited to big tournament events.

Ace Master

Ace Master is an advanced level of Ace, which is divided into Ace Master 6 to 10. Not only are they very skilled at playing, but players at this rank are usually so consistent that they become the center of attention of the PUBG community.

Ace Dominator

You must have 5200 points to occupy the Ace Dominator level. To reach this position, you must understand every aspect of PUBG and your opponent's strategy. This level consists of Ace Dominator 11 to Ace Dominator 15+.


conqueror Becomes rank The highest PUBG without having to reach a certain number of points. However, if you want to reach this level, then you must be able to maintain your position as a top 500 player in the world servers-your.

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