Benefits and How to Get the Cheapest WDP ML

WDP ML is a diamond saving feature that you can use in the MLBB game so that when you want to buy expensive skins you don't need to top up expensively.
Diamond ML Reseller
MLBB diamond illustration. Source: YouTube.

The following is an explanation of WDP or Weekly Diamond Pass ML. A feature that allows players to get daily diamonds for free.

As is known, diamonds are an important means of exchange for getting skins, Recall Effect, Hero, and so on in Mobile Legends.

This feature makes it very easy for users to collect diamonds. So that when users need a large number of diamonds, they don't spend too much money.

So, before discussing how to get cheap WDP MLBB, see the following explanation of what WDP is!

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What is Weekly Diamond Pass ML?

Source: VCGamers

Weekly Diamond Pass or WDP ML is a subscription service provided by Moonton. As the name of the feature suggests, when you subscribe, users will get Diamonds for a week.

For one week Moonton will send your account 20 Diamonds. The total Diamonds you will get for one week are 220.

You also need to know that subscribing to WDP MLBB doesn't only get those benefits. Subscribed players also have the opportunity to get starlight points.

Not only that, when you subscribe, users will get Starlight Magic Fragments, Crystal Aurora, Tickets or Magi Dust from the Choice Bundle. When opening the Choice Bundle, users can choose the prize.

Interested in purchasing the Weekly Diamond Pass? Check out how to get WDP at the lowest price below!

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How to Get WDP ML at the Cheapest Price

Weekly Diamond Pass
Source: Google Support

Actually, you can buy the Weekly Diamond Pass directly through the game. If you buy through the Weekly Diamond Pass game, it is sold for IDR 30 thousand. There are various payment options for purchasing.

To get a cheaper Weekly Diamond Pass ML, you can buy it at VCGamers Marketplace.

Apart from having many choices of WDP purchase packages, the price of the Weekly Diamond Pass at VCGamers is also much cheaper.

The Weekly Diamond Pass ML purchase package for one week is sold for only IDR 26,000.

If you want to buy a subscription package for 3 weeks directly at VCGamers, this purchase package is also available.

So, the way to get the ML Weekly Diamond Pass at the cheapest price at VCGamers is as follows:

  • Visit the site VCGamers Marketplace;
  • After that, create an account to make purchases so you can claim the new user promo;
  • Choose the WDP purchase package according to your wishes;
  • Enter the WDP amount you want;
  • Select a payment method then copy the payment number;
  • After that, enter User ID and Zone ID;
  • Make payment;
  • Wait a few minutes, the WDP subscription package will immediately be active on your account.

That's the explanation for getting the MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass at the lowest price.

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