10 Best Sidelane Heroes for Meta Season 23 ML, Surround Opponents From the Sidelines!

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The best Sidelane Hero in Mobile Legends Season 23 has an important role in attacking the opponent's area from the edge of the arena, either through EXP Lane or Gold Lane. Of course, the hero must be able to move quickly or be good at outwitting opponents with his skillset.

Several heroes who can guard this sidelane don't just have to be heroes with the role of marksman or fighter, but heroes who have high mobility to rotate.

For example, playing as one of the best sideline heroes must be sensitive to the minimap, when a teammate needs assist, the player must immediately rotate.

After that, playing as the best sideliner hero must also quickly return to its original position to avoid the team's turret defense being broken from the side by the opposing sideliner.

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Below are the 10 best sideline hero recommendations that you can use in the Season 23 Mobile Legends meta. Some of them have multiple roles and can adapt to rotations that will be requested by teammates at any time.

10 Best Sidelane Heroes Season 23 That Can Surprise Your Opponents


Aldous's best sidelane hero
Best Sidelane Hero Aldous

Aldous is one of the best sidelane heroes in season 23. His capability in stack damage that he can do through normal attacks can be a dangerous weapon to either defeat opponents or destroy turrets.

If you play as Aldous, you must always be "alone" in offlane so you can collect stacks while farming both EXP and Gold.

If for example Aldous is in EXP Lane, he automatically has to be diligent in farming EXP so he can unlock his skillset. What is the mainstay for stack damage from Aldous is skill 1 and his ulti.

Use skill 1 to attack your opponent with the stack he has collected through his basic attack. Skill 2 can be used for situations where Aldous needs to survive without support.

Aldous' ulti skill can be used to escape while attacking an opponent. Do this when Aldous needs to move fast and rotate with his teammates without being hampered by the opponent's attacks.


Chou's best sidelane hero
Chou's Best Sidelane Hero

One of the versatile fighters and one of the best sidelane heroes in any season. Chou has the ability to adapt in various positions, both attacking and defending.

Chou's normal attack already has good damage and attack speed in the mid game. The condition is, of course, that it must be built properly so that its abilities are more stable.

As a side laner, Chou would be better placed on the EXP Lane so he can level up quickly and unlock skill 2 and his ulti earlier. When Chou has risen to a high level, he can while roaming to the Jungle or Gold Lane to farm buffs and gold so he can be fully upgraded.

Always carry the Flicker battle spell too when using Chou because he can extend the attack range of his ultimate skill.

Chou's Ulti will deal continuous damage to his target, and with the Flicker combination, he will be able to ambush the opponent and reach his target even though he is being covered by his partner.

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aamon's best sidelane hero
Best Sidelane Hero Aamon

Aamon immediately became one of the best sideliner heroes in season 23 because of his passive ability which can make his position unknown. In fact, he didn't need to bother activating this skill.

Both Gold Lane and EXP Lane can be explored by Aamon. What you need to do as a player who uses it is a lot of spam skill 1 Aamon so he can always go into disappear mode.

Of course, to activate the passive skill, the attack must hit the target. However, Aamon has a wide attack range so his attacks almost always hit the target.

This hero who relies on magic damage then has the ability to increase his damage when his attacks continuously hit the target. Attack targets that have HP below 30% will receive even more damage from each of Aamon's attacks.

He can quickly rotate and attack opponents suddenly so he will be suitable as a "bait" and sidelaner, both in EXP Lane or Gold Lane.


Ling's best sidelane hero
Ling's Best Sidelane Hero

Ling's gameplay has also succeeded in making him one of the best sidelane heroes. However, players must first understand the gameplay so that they can be more effective during matches.

Skill 1 Ling can be used to jump onto the arena wall, and he will walk on it until you press skill 1 again to make him return to the arena.

Usually, players using Ling will simultaneously press their 2nd skill to attack opponents from the air. The combination of skills 1 and 2 Ling has great damage and can also increase Ling's speed when he returns to the arena.

Ling will immediately use his ulti skill which can lock the opponent's movements for a few moments. After that, Ling will return to walking on walls with his 1st skill.

Most of Ling's attacks will rely on walking over walls, fast ambush attacks from above walls and his ultimate skills, so make sure Ling is in the EXP Lane so his skills can be unlocked faster.

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clint's best sidelane hero
Clint's Best Sidelane Hero

One of the heroes who has stable performance has succeeded in becoming the best sidelane hero because of his ability to master the Gold Lane.

Clint has the ability to poke opponents effectively, and the pokes he does also have greater damage in the mid game. Clint's passive skill helps him produce critical damage, so he has a high chance of doing First Blood at the start of the match.

He can release Clint's Skill 1 2 times, each of which is quite painful in the early game. If he is pressed, he can use his 2nd skill to run away.

The target affected by Clint's skill 2 will not only receive critical damage, but also cannot move for a while. Clint users will immediately connect attacks with their ulti.

Can you imagine when Clint uses his ulti and hits the target and there is a critical damage effect, it's certain that the target will immediately KO or at least, his HP will be very thin. This is Clint's attack combination that makes him the best sideliner in season 23.


Granger's best sidelane hero
Granger's Best Sidelane Hero

Granger is a quite dangerous sidelane hero because he can create continuous burst damage. Worst of all, this marksman hero also has critical damage to GG.

Granger's default status is pretty good, especially in terms of attack speed and burst damage. If you build Granger with items that increase physical damage, true and critical damage, Granger will definitely become a monster both in Gold and EXP Lane.

Skill 1 has a short cooldown so it can be used to beat up minions and creeps in the sidelane. If Granger's skill 2 hits the target, he will get a reduced cooldown for other skills.

Granger's ulti will be his ultimate weapon that can provide burst damage that you can delay to trick your opponent. So far, Granger has performed well enough to compete with Clint.

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Lylia's best sidelane hero
Best Sidelane Hero Lylia

Playing as Lylia means taking advantage of her ability to poke and outwit the target. He has an agile movement speed that makes it difficult to hunt.

Apart from being agile, Lylia will also trouble her opponents with her combination of skills 1 and 2. If the opponent is hit by both of these attacks, they will be drained of their speed.

Players who use Lylia will first hide in the bushes, then activate skill 2 followed by skill 1 so that the magic damage gets bigger and the opponent slows down.

Use Lylia's ult so that when the cooldown of skills 1 and 2 is over, she can immediately use these 2 skills again.


harley's best sidelane hero
Harley's Best Sidelane Hero

Just like Clint, Harley is one of the best sidelane heroes because he has a passive skill that can increase his magic damage.

Apart from that, Harley will also ignore the opponent's magic hero defense when his skill hits the target. Usually, this trick is used by players to produce continuous burst damage either through skill 1 or the ulti.

He is also equipped with a blink skill which, when used, can increase his speed so that Harley can become a poke or ambush hero to defeat his opponent. If he is in a team with Lesley, there will be an additional 10 HP for him.

Use trick skill 1 to poke, skill 2 to run away and ulti for magic damage that hurts when using this hero.

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Natalia's best sidelane hero
Natalia's Best Sidelane Hero

Natalia is one of the best sidelane heroes who has the special ability to slay opponents in silence. The difference with Aamon, Natalia has to be in the bushes so she can enter disappear mode.

The mainstay weapon that makes him one of the best sideliners is his ulti. With her ulti, skill 1 and Natalia's basic attack make the damage even harder.

This was exacerbated when Natalia managed to attack her target from the blind spot or behind the target. Use the ulti so that the physical damage is even more GG to slay the opponent.


Lesley's best sidelane hero
Best Sidelane Hero Lesley

Lesley's capacity as the best sidelane hero is no longer in doubt. All players must have been annoyed with their ulti, which apart from having a long range, the missiles are difficult to avoid.

Lesley also has a camouflage mode, though not as good as Natalia and Aamon. However, when Lesley enters camouflage mode, she has bonus speed and physical attack for 3 seconds.

Therefore, Lesley users will always use their ulti when they are in camouflage mode to increase their physical damage. This combination of attacks will be difficult to avoid unless the target is wearing a shield or a high physical defense item.

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The 10 best sidelane heroes above have fairly stable performance so they can be predicted to last until the next season. But of course, you have to master the gameplay of heroes like Ling, Lesley or Aldous first, Vicigers!

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