Best Lesley Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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Use these best Lesley gameplay tips, to be able to get Victory with your team in the Land Of Dawn.

Lesley is one of the deadliest MM heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, this hero has enormous damage and is also deadly in the late game. Unfortunately, this hero is not very popular in Mobile Legends, Lesley is rarely picked when playing at high ranks.

When the game starts, rotate 1-2-2. We would suggest that as an MM he should go with the tanks in the bot lane. According to Lesley's gameplay, we can divide it into three phases. 

Gameplay Tricks Lesley MLBB

Our Lesley gameplay guide includes the perfect game plan for the early game, mid game and late game.

Early Game

Gameplay Lesley
Early Game

First, take the red buff with the help of the Tank before going to the lane. The red buff is very important to him. Don't try to take it yourself if the enemy team invades the jungle, you will be their first blood.

Just reset the red buff if you can't take it. Now, remember, if you miss the current buff, you also miss 2 minion waves, so you're missing gold (to prevent spamming this s1 for higher crit damage).

Now try to hit with active passive. The last hit will increase your gold ratio. Always do basic attacks to fill up the energy bar.

Keep an eye on the minimap during this period, if the mid lane is empty or your team says the enemy is gone then don't play aggressively at that time.

As much as possible, we have to harass one of the enemy heroes in the bot lane. Try not to lose the bot's outer turret.

Look for passive indicators, when passive is available you have to do basic attacks first before using skill 1, then basic attacks, skill 1/skill 2 (if needed) then basic attacks again. You'll see in the late game how it affects the enemy. Take 1 turtle after a successful gank.

Remember that positioning is very important for Lesley's gameplay, don't let your enemies get close to you. Use the passive to get a wider view.

Mid Game

Gameplay Lesley
Mid Game

In the mid game, focus on farming (time to use your passive jungle blade). Try changing lanes with the offlaner after destroying the bot's turret.

Since this hero doesn't just start any fight, don't get caught up in CC if you feel you can't fight back.

As much as possible you have to farm under the bushes, don't just reveal yourself to the enemy.

Always back up teammates, meanwhile, triple critical (spamming skill 1 after every basic attack) is ready to eliminate the enemy carry. Use blink wisely. Try to keep skill 1 in mid phase ganking as it is a great escape tool.

Late Game

Gameplay Lesley
Late Game

In the late game, this is a difficult phase for mm it seems. He will use special skills to kill enemies.

Hiding in the bushes like an assassin or hiding behind a tank like other MMs, when your team starts a fight, hit the enemy with this;

  • Basic Attack + Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 2

Continue this method and with this skill set, you can handle any difficult situation and remember every time you are ganged up by the enemy then use skill 2 or do basic attack + skill 1 repeatedly and ulti if necessary. Press skill1 during the ulti, the bullet will do more damage to the enemy.

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The enemy will always try to finish you off first, but you have to keep farming and pushing lanes, so use ulti to avoid ganks.

First, know the enemy's position then go to fight. Remember you are very fragile and can easily kill all squishy type heroes. 

You also have to be wary of the heroes Alucard, Helcurt, Hayabusa, Fanny, Harley, Aludous and Lancelot. Because they are all Lesley's counter heroes in Land Of Dawn.

These Lesley gameplay tips will definitely help to guide easy wins with Lesley in Mobile Legends.

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That's all for today's guide on Lesley's gameplay in Mobile Legends. Do Vicigers friends prefer to use Lesley's gameplay in another way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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