Take advantage of Lesley's Anti-Mob Radar Through Her Multifunctional Ulti!

lesley anti gang cover

Radar Lesley is anti-gang in game Mobile Legends you can take advantage of it by using its ult. Lesley is one of the marksman assassins whose popularity remains constant in season 23.

The added value of this hero is not only from his ulti, but also from his overall performance as a marksman and assassin. It can also be used easily for players who have just installed Mobile Legends so that they can push their ranks smoothly.

Of the many advantages of using this camouflage expert hero, Lesley's ultimate skill can be used for an anti-gangster radar to detect hiding opponents.

Usually, opponents will hide in the bushes to ambush and gank unwary heroes. So, the ulti skill can prevent sudden ganking that the opponent has prepared.

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This article will disassemble how to play Lesley anti-gangster through her ultimate skill which can be used as a detector for hidden opponents. Check out the details below.

Explanation of Lesley's Ultimate Skill

Ulti Lesley has very good offensive abilities. Once hit by the ulti, the target will lose almost a bar from its maximum HP when it is properly built.

lesley anti gang ulti 1
Lesley's Ultimate Skill

The way the ulti hero that can camouflage works is also quite simple. You just have to press the ulti button and there will be a kind of circle to see the targets around it.

After that, all you have to do is release the ulti button so that this one sniper hero immediately fires bullets 4 times. Each bullet is claimed to generate damage of up to 300 points of physical damage.

lesley anti gang ulti 2
Lesley's Ultimate Skill Aim

That is, four times the shot equals 1200 physical damage. This amount also does not include the physical damage items purchased by him. Therefore, this Lesley user will always buy critical or true damage items so that the damage hurts even more.

This camouflage expert hero will almost always rely on his ultimate especially to frighten his targets or to drive them away from the team area.

This is caused by the ulti which is difficult to hold even though the target is being covered by a tank or physical defense item.

lesley anti gang ulti 3
Range of Lesley's Ulti Skills

The four shots fired will haunt the target with a red mark over the target's head. Without cover or shield, all four shots are sure to hit the target.

Because his ulti has simple mechanics with high damage, he is often used for push ranks. However, his ulti has other abilities to use, namely as a team alarm to avoid mob opponents.

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How to use Ulti Lesley Anti Mob

Reported from the YouTube channel Hororo chan, Lesley's anti-gangster radar comes from using her ulti. It turns out that Lesley's Ulti can be used to see opponents hiding behind the bushes.

lesley anti gang how to use ulti 1
Radar Lesley Anti Mob Through the Ulti Area Circle

The way to activate this anti-gangster Lesley is to hold down the activation of her ultimate skill until the duration runs out. As you can see above, when the ulti is held, there will be a special circle that functions as a target detector that is nearby.

Normally, the player must immediately release the ulti button to immediately attack the target. However, in this tactic, you don't let go of the ulti button just yet.

lesley anti gang how to use ulti 2
Lesley Anti-Mob Radar Reveals Enemies In The Bushes

The reason is, in this way this camouflage expert hero can detect the position of the opponent hiding in the bushes. As shared by the YouTube channel, there are many opponents ready to surround him from various directions.

However, Lesley's anti-gangster trick requires a cooldown duration that must be set first. According to suggestions from Hororo chan's YouTube channel, at least this sniper hero must be supported with a build that allows his CDR to be at 30% or more so he can spam this ultimate trick.

When Lesley is equipped with items that reduce her cooldown, she can only periodically check on opponents hiding in the bushes.

Lesley also has the advantage of being an anti-crowd hero and tidying up the positions of teammates so that they are not suddenly attacked by opponents. However, there are several things that must be considered before this trick is done.

Lesley anti-gangster understands how her ulti works
Sign "Eye" from Ulti Lesley Anti Mob

First, pay attention to the "eye" sign above the target hero's head. The mark will appear for approximately 2 seconds and will be an alarm for the target that they have been seen.

When you use this Lesley anti-gang tactic, you have to be able to set the timing by paying attention to these signs.

Furthermore, this sniper hero must be in a position that has the potential to become a mob or war location. Usually, the mid lane is the mainstream location for this.

However, there are also cases of ganking in jungle or offlane lanes, so this camouflage hero must periodically determine the timing of his ulti utilization.

With Lesley's anti-gangster trick, it's guaranteed that your opponent will run out of wits to hide and your team will also avoid ambush and ganking, especially during the mid to late game.

For more details, you can watch the video below, directly from the YouTube channel Hororo chan.

Combination of Ulti Attacks and Other Lesley Skills

In addition to using Lesley's anti-gangster ulti, she has a series of skill combinations to trouble the opponent's formation.

First, use a combination of skills 1 and 2 to poke your opponent on the gold lane. With this combination, he can safely repay damage to opposing heroes who will also be farming.

The combination of the second attack from this sniper hero is to enter camouflage mode and use his ultimate for high damage. Lesley's ulti has a fairly long attack range and is most likely to hit the target.

Next, use skill 2 Lesley to trick your opponent when he is being hunted. Skill 2 is also often used to run away while dealing decent physical damage.

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That's how to take advantage of Lesley's anti-gangster skill by detecting the position of the opponent who is hiding. With this trick, it is guaranteed that he will become more popular when he pushes rank, and it seems that he also has the potential to cause trouble for this meta season 23 ML hero.

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