Best Odette Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

Poor Mobility ML Hero

Odette's gameplay in the Land Of Dawn as a Mage hero Mobile Legends 2022 is always with Tank or support. For more quickly, continue to refer to this page until it's finished.

Odette is the deadliest Mage in Mobile Legends, this hero has a very wide range of damage and skills.

He is much more deadly when he combos with Johnson's hero, absolutely no opponent will be able to withstand damage from both of them.

Even though Odette looks invincible, there are several aspects that must be considered to achieve this moment. For Odette's gameplay, we can divide it into three phases for Odette. 

Our Odette gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan for early game, mid game and late game in Mobile Legends. However, you must need a good understanding of the map to bring out the best from any enemy hero.

Odette MLBB Gameplay Tricks

Early Game

Gameplay Odette
Early Game

Odette is a very squishy hero so it's important to play her save before getting Concentrated Energy.

Clean the waves with his first skill quickly and help teammates into the forest or steal buffs because he reflects quite a lot of enemy passive damage even in the early game. Don't go alone or overextend because he is very easy to kill in the early game.

Mid Game

Gameplay Odette
Mid Game

After getting the core item, be active to participate in team battles. The damage will melt the enemy's HP very quickly and help teammates to finish them off easily.

Just keep an eye on opponents with CC because a failed ultimate also means you will die first. Get into team fights a bit later to lure out all the CC first or go further than team fights, flicker to escape from enemies.

The best lane for him is Mid Lane, you will get a lot of advantages when you get a large farm, so you can get rich faster and can quickly help the team that is fighting.

In the mid lane, the focus of the game is protecting the turret from being destroyed, destroying the turret and roaming the opponent to help the hero team that is having problems.

Late Game

Gameplay Odette
Late Game

Without the support of his teammates, Odette's gameplay is nothing in the late game. Make sure to stay as far away as possible during team fight initiation, and stab as many enemies as possible from afar.

Most MMs can shoot two Odettes dead in the late game, so be careful when advancing in team fights. Don't make yourself a target for the enemy.

Odette's gameplay can kill many squishy heroes in a short time. He is a good counter for heroes who are squishy and don't have CC skills.

Disrupting the enemy's farming phase is also his skill. You can close farming Aldous and Hayabusa by poking them passively several times.

He is very weak against heroes who have target CC skills or CC skills in general. A small stun can end his ultimate and render him useless. Even fire shots can cancel his ultimate, so keep an eye on enemy spells.

Hide in the bushes and wait for an enemy hero who happens to come and kill, don't open the map, especially during an open war.

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During war, this hero is very easy to kill if he is in front, this phero has low resistance and does not have flashing skills. Then, it is always aimed at the opponents of the heroes who have the greatest durability to be killed first.

Odette isn't the best mage in Mobile Legends, but she's definitely very useful against multiple lineups with the right teammates.

The most important note to remember when using this hero is to play very safe in the early game and keep an eye on the enemy's CC skills. 

By using the best build arrangement, it is guaranteed that you will become strong and OP in the Land Of Dawn.

One wrong judgment can lead to a team fight. If you follow the tips shared in this Odette gameplay guide, you can play well in ranked games.

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That's all for today's guide on Odette's gameplay in Mobile Legends. Do Vicigers friends prefer to use Odette's gameplay in another way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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