5 Tips To Win At Miramar In March 2022

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Check out this page to find out 5 tips to win at Miramar in March 2022. Win a lot, the win rate points will be better.

Miramar was introduced in PUBG as the second map after Erangel. A paradise for snipers, this map is known for its vast terrain and large loot.

However, most players failed to win matches in Miramar on a regular basis. The same situation is also reflected in the PUBG esports scenario.

However, you can use tips for winning in Miramar that will help you emerge victorious in more matches.

Tips To Win At Miramar Easily

Avoid Going Down To The Pecado

Tips To Win At Miramar

While many PUBG pro player experts recommend getting down to the hot-drop to get the perfect start to matches, Pecado acts as a different kind of challenge for players.

In some matches, almost a third of the squad descended into the area which overcrowded the place and reduced the chances of survival.

This makes survival extremely difficult, and you may even be knocked out within minutes of entering the game.

Therefore, you must stay away from those places and go down to a safe location and maybe a little far from the flight path. Surviving longer will increase the risk of getting a win.

Keep All Squad Alive Until End Zone

Tips To Win At Miramar

The tip for winning at Miramar is to always keep one squad to survive until the last zone.

The BR mode in PUBG Mobile requires you to use the best strategy and weapon power to win Chicken Dinners.

Keeping all four players alive in the squad until the end zone will help the squad keep an eye out for enemies lurking in different directions.

Always try to get to the safe zone on time, to avoid ambushes. There are certain types of players where some will play aggressively or tactically.

You have to realize that this game is about survival and holding on for a short time and killing additional enemies is always of high quality in the long run. You will get a better ranking robotically.

Proper Use of Utilities

Tips To Win At Miramar

You also have to use the correct utilities as tips to win at Miramar. Utilities help you win more matches in Miramar.

While smoke grenades help create temporary cover by blocking enemy view, Molotov Cocktail and Frag grenades help limit enemy movement and take them down.

In addition, the health utility is also useful because without healing it will be removed with zone damage. You must apply these tips to win in Miramar on all maps too.

Use the Mountains For Profit 

Tips To Win At Miramar

Miramar is full of mountains. Those of you who can make the best of your height advantage (by climbing rocks or positioning yourself on a higher ridge) will have more chances to win the game.

The height gain from the ridge above will help defeat enemies below with ease. These tips for winning at Miramar will definitely be of great help.

In this game, it's very easy to move silently without giving any sign of footsteps or making any noise.

This is the most effective and popular technique for confusing the enemy about position. You should walk and crouch in small steps and move a few inches at a time.

In this case, you may take a long time, but you can move silently.

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Use Sniper And DMR

Tips To Win At Miramar

The tip for winning at the last Miramar is to use a sniper or DMR as the main weapon. Miramar is well known for his use of Sniper Rifles and DMR.

Since Miramar is modeled on the desert, there are lots of open areas present on the map. You can easily defeat enemies moving in the open with Sniper Rifles or DMR by equipping the 8x scope, without fear of incoming shots.

It's not easy to get a sniper in Miramar PUBG. You can use a DMR with an extended muzzle that fires up to 33 rounds in a single magazine and can fire long to medium ranges.

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Those are some tips for winning at Miramar in March 2022. Don't be the first player to return to the lobby.

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