VCG Token Weekly Update: January Week 4

VCG Token Weekly Update: Week 4

VCGamers this time will provide VCG Token Weekly Update in the last week of January 2023. 

All holders VCG Tokens can find out the developments and various things that are being planned by VCGamers.

VCG Token Weekly Update: January Week 4

VCG Token Update
VCG Tokens

We have worked on several things and activities in the last week of January 2023.

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As the closing of the first month in 2023, all holders need to know the progress that has been made.

In order to maintain transparency, the VCG Token Weekly Update will always be present with the latest developments by VCGamers.

Holders can also provide suggestions and input via the available VCGamers Telegram channel.

The following are some of the things that VCGamers has done until the last week of January 2023

RansVerse Creator

RansVerse Land

RansVerse Creator is platforms for LAND owners who want to place NFT Home on their Land.

Apart from placing NFT Home over Land, platforms This will also allow creators to create buildings with pre-built assets to be minted further.

If creators want to sell it, of course they can through the NFT Marketplace.

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VCGamers NFT Marketplace

VCG Toke Weekly Update
NFT Marketplace

The NFT available in the VCGamers NFT Marketplace, of course, can be owned by Vicigers with the offers feature.

This feature will allow negotiations between sellers and buyers regarding the listed price.

Besides that, VCGamers also provide much better service, especially regarding VCGamers NFT Marketplace.

These efforts will be supported by ongoing developments from blockchain to offchain.

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AMA with Dev: Progress Update January 2023

VCG Token Update AMA
Update AMA with Devs

AMA with Dev: Progress Update January 2023 has three parts of the program that must be known, namely the presentation of achievements, explanation of what has been done, and of course a question and answer session.

If you miss it, then you can watch AMA with Dev: Progress Update January 2023 via the link this.


After this January, VCGamers will continue to provide developments regarding the VCG Token project. Following are the next upcoming events:

  • Nusa Finance

After the successful collaboration in the form of listed dex and the Nusa lending market, this week there will be another collaboration that will make the holders even more enthusiastic.

  • Arcade2Bit

In the coming months, Arcade2bit and VCGamers will collaborate and conduct an Initial NFT Offering.

  • Become a Mentor for Game Developers

As a collaborative move with a subsidiary of a state-owned company, VCGamers will incubate games.

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Isn't it interesting the upcoming events? Follow up weekly updates next time and make sure to stay updated through the $VCG Telegram community!

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