July 2023 Starlight Skin, Let's Prepare Diamonds!

Skin Starlight July 2023 Minsitthar

It seems that May is just ending and then we will change to June. Eh, you know, June has now come to an end and is approaching the next month. Then of course, we will discuss the latest update MLBB the much anticipated, Skin Starlight July 2023.

The appearance of Starlight this time will also coincide with the massive update that will be carried out by Moonton.

Simultaneously the start of a new season MLBB who entered the 29th. It seems that the developer still feels inadequate about what they released at the beginning of season 28 then.

Of course, due to space limitations, all of these details will not be presented simultaneously in this article.

For the current discussion, it will be enough for us to provide details about the Starlight Skin that will be coming next.

As for the discussion about what's new in Season 29, it will be presented in a separate article. This is so that Vicigers can also get all the highlight details in a more complete and integrated way!

So, for those who are curious, please watch this article until it's finished so that you can have a topic of conversation and socialize first compared to your friends hanging out with mabar warkop or your squad! And also look forward to the next Season 29 discussion articles on vcgamers.com! Let's check it out!

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Starlight skins

skin starlight mlbb july 2023

Before we discuss further about the skin, it's better for us to disclaimer first about the Starlight Skin prediction.

The predictions presented this time are taken from sources that are quite reliable and have an accuracy level of up to 75%. However, it should be reminded that there is still a possibility that Moonton will change it when it is released later.

Of course that is the nature of the prediction itself: it is not fixed and can still change at any time. So, don't let you feel disappointed later if the Starlight Skin that appears turns out to be different. It doesn't mean that the skin is a hoax, but it could be that Moonton is just delaying its release.

If you look at the current predictions, let alone just for August, this source even explained Skin Starlight until October! Of course, the truth of all this can still be debated and still needs to be awaited until the release later.

But that can still be held only until August, where the Starlight prediction that appears again is given to one of Moonton's favorite fighters: Yin. Yep, as a new hero, this one fighter seems so petty.

Imagine, as the "yesterday afternoon" hero, Skin Starlight Yin was only released 1 month apart (if it is fixed later) with Minsitthar: the hero that was released from 2018.

And in comparison, Skin Starlight August will be Yin's 5th skin, while for Minsitthar he will only (will) get his 4th skin.

Even this only happened after the revamp implemented by Moonton. If not, it could be that the fighter will never get a new skin (just like the Minotaur or Phoveus which have been neglected for a long time).

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July 2023 MLBB Starlight Skins

Skin Starlight Mobile Legends June 2023
Minsitthar MLBB

Moonton has issued an official announcement regarding the July 2023 Starlight Skin. Where the July 2023 Starlight will be given to Minsitthar's hero 'Crimson Lion'.

Judging from its name and initial design appearance, this skin has a bright red appearance with the theme of a dashing lion.

As for the painted skin, it will be titled 'Radiant Lion': it changes the red color to a silvery one decorated with yellow tassel accents.

And of course, the various "prints" obtained from the Starlight will also revolve around the fighter.

Some of them are like the Minsitthar Statue, as well as a trail effect with a reddish glow that is in sync with the dominant saturation of the Starlight Skin.

Overall, Minsitthar's Starlight Skin this time can be considered as one of the skins that is worth having. VCGamers highly recommends buying it, especially for Minsitthar users who really want to complete their 4 skins.

And for those who are not users of this hero, it doesn't matter if you want to have it too.

Seeing that the skin design is so beautiful and more deserving of being an Epic Skin instead of Starlight, it's better to just buy it!

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You must have a Mobile Legends diamond to have this skin. So, you can have these diamonds by buying them at VCGamers Marketplace!

The July 2023 Starlight skin sells for 300 diamonds. To have ML diamonds with that amount, you can buy them with prices starting at IDR 79,350 VCGamers Marketplace!

Don't miss this opportunity and get the July 2023 Starlight skin right away!

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