Hurry Up to Shop at VCGamers, There's a Discount of Up to 10 Percent!

discount at vcgamers using neo commerce bank

You can get discounts of up to 10% to shop for your game and digital needs at VCGamers Marketplace. The method is very easy, namely by choosing a payment method using Neo Commerce Bank.

So, Bank Neo Commerce again has a promo called BNC QRIS Promo for all Vicigers.

You can get discounts of up to 10% when you shop at VCGamers by paying using QRIS, then scanning with the NeoBank application in the period 1 February to 31 March 2023.

Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your game to make it even cooler. 

For those who don't know, there are various categories in VCGamers Marketplace. 

Starting from Top Up Games, Vouchers, Accounts, Items & Skins to Boosting & Jockeys.

Apart from that, you can also get digital products in other categories on the VCGamers Marketplace page.

With this promo, of course you will benefit because there is a discount of up to 10%.

Before shopping at VCGamers Marketplace, there are terms and conditions that must be met.

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S&K Get 10% Discount at VCGamers Marketplace

As previously explained, there is a discount of 10% for those of you who shop at VCGamers Marketplace using Neo Commerce Bank.

Here are the full terms and conditions:

  • The promo period lasts from 1 February 2023 – 31 March 2023.
  • Promo is valid for users who transact using the QRIS payment method on the VCGamers website/application & make payments using the Neobank application from Bank Neo Commerce (BNC).
  • Users will get a discount of IDR 10,000/transaction from Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) for a maximum of 2x during the period & as long as the quota is still available.
  • Promo is valid with a minimum transaction of IDR 100,000 & does not apply to multiples.
  • The weekly quota for this promo is limited, if the quota has been met then you can try again the following week during the promo period.
  • If you don't get a promo, it means that the promo quota has run out or the promo period has ended.
  • Promo cannot be combined with other Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) promos.
  • Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) has the right to take the necessary actions including canceling the right to receive promos if fraud or abuse is found by users without prior notification.
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VCGamers Marketplace

VCGamers Marketplace
VCGamers Marketplace

VCGamers Marketplace is an eCommerce from VCGamers that is here to meet the needs of gamers.

The presence of VCGamers Marketplace is a step from VCGamers to provide solutions for gamers and the public who want to get digital products safely, cheaply and fast.

Everyone can choose their role when they are already in VCGamers. Start as a buyer or seller.

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Fulfill your digital needs at VCGamers Marketplace right now and enjoy a variety of attractive promos!

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