Let's Shop at VCGamers, 5 Minutes Ignore CS Immediately Get Cashback!

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VCGamers launches the latest promo, CS Anti AFK. Later, every buyer in VCGamers Marketplace will get a discounted price if not responded by Customer Service within 5 minutes.

VCGamers will ensure that all inquiries regarding purchases and constraints are addressed Vicigers will be answered in less than five minutes.

For the record, the CS Anti AFK program is only available in VCGamers Marketplace and not in other VCGamers products.

So, shopping at VCGamers Marketplace is calmer, right? Come on, check out the details on how to claim cashback if you get a response for more than 5 minutes!

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What is CS Anti AFK on VCGamers

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Have contacted CS but no response or slow response and making online shopping uncomfortable?

Calm! You will no longer experience that when shopping at VCGamers Marketplace.

We ensure that you will receive cashback if CS VCGamers has a slow response when contacted to be asked about purchases at VCGamers Marketplace.

If CS VCGamers responds more than 5 minutes, we will give you a special cashback in the form of a promo code!

So, CS Anti AFK is a program that ensures that the response that CS VCGamers Marketplace gives to Vicigers it won't take more than 5 minutes!

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Cashback Claim Terms & Conditions

CS Anti AFK Promo VCGamers
VCGamers Marketplace

There are several conditions that must be met before you can claim cashback from VCGamers.

Anything? Let's see!

  1. This event only lasts until February 28, 2023
  2. The program only applies to complaints via WhatsApp Official VCGamers at 08159021021 accompanied by a valid transaction number (prefixed with TRX) from VCGamers (currently running / having problems)
  3. The program only applies to complaints from 08.00 – 22.00 WIB (except Fridays at 11.30-13.00 WIB)
  4. The program only applies to products available on VCGamers Marketplace and does not apply to other VCGamers products (Arena, Social Hub, Token, Launchpad, etc)
  5. The program only applies to purchases via the official VCGamers Marketplace Application & Website, does not apply to others.
  6. Claim the promo code no later than 2×24 hours after the event takes place & a maximum of 1x for 1 transaction 
  7. The program does not apply if there is a Force Majeure or other technical problems caused from outside the VCGamers Marketplace (VCGamers will issue a notification if there are technical problems)
  8. Questions that do not involve constraints in transactions are not counted
  9. Compensation in the form of discount promo code 50% max 30,000 will be sent via email registered at VCGamers a maximum of 3×24 hours from the time the complaint is received after 5 minutes. 
  10. The Promo Code is valid for a maximum of 1 week since it was sent, also check the Promo Code Terms and Conditions that apply in general at VCGamers (Check Here)
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