What is MPL in Mobile Legends? Let's Listen Here!

MPL is

As one of the most popular games in Indonesia, of course, Mobile Legends tournaments are familiar to many people. And MPL is one of the most anticipated tournaments every year.

MPL itself has been held since 2018 in Indonesia, and since then MPL has also succeeded in gaining a large number of fans who watch this biggest MLBB tournament.

Then, what exactly is MPL? So, for those of you who are new to MPL or have been participating in MPL for a long time, but still don't know many things about this ML tournament, let's take a look at the discussion below!

What is MPL?

MPL is
MPL ID Season 11 Trophy. Source: id-mpl.com

MPL is the highest championship or tournament in Mobile Legends which is held directly by Moonton. MPL was held for the first time in three countries, namely Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore/Malaysia.

However, as time went on and this tournament was successful in attracting many fans, this tournament began to be held in other countries. Several countries that also organize MPL are Brazil, Myanmar, Cambodia, Middle Eastern countries, and North Africa. 

In addition, MPL in Malaysia and Singapore were originally merged, but since 2021 these two countries have started holding their own MPL.

The MPL tournament was held by Moonton with the aim of enhancing the esports ecosystem and promoting the Mobile Legends game to many broad circles.

This MPL tournament offers fantastic prizes for the winners. Where the first winner of this tournament will get a prize of 300,000 US Dollars or the equivalent of IDR 4.5 billion.

As for the tournament system itself, MPL uses the Regular Season system for eight weeks. Then the team that passes the Regular Season will compete in the play-off round until they reach the grand final round.

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Requirements to Join MPL

MPL is
MPL Season 11 Participating Team. Source: id-mpl.com

At the beginning of its implementation, MPL held this tournament openly. Where the organizers invite the general public to take part in MPL by participating in an open qualifying round.

However, since mid-2019 Moonton has started to change its rules to a franchise league system.

Since season 4, Moonton has also made it mandatory for participating teams to pay as much as 1 million US Dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 15 billion to be able to get a place in MPL.

Not only that, there are also several other requirements that must be fulfilled by the MPL participating teams, as follows:

  • In the form of an official organization or PT
  • Have a professional trainer
  • Own a gaming house
  • High Marketing Effort
  • Has a fan base
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List of Indonesian MPL Champions

MPL is
ONIC Won MPL ID Season 11. Source: id-mpl.com

Of the total 11 seasons that have been running, there are several teams that have succeeded in winning the MPL Indonesia tournament. Who are the team? To find out more, let's look at the discussion below!

  • Champion of MPL Season 1 – NXL
  • Champion of MPL Season 2 – RRQ
  • Champion of MPL Season 3 – ONIC
  • MPL Season 4 Champion – EVOS
  • Champion of MPL Season 5 – RRQ
  • Champion of MPL Season 6 – RRQ
  • MPL Season 7 Champion – EVOS
  • Champion of MPL Season 8 – ONIC
  • Champion of MPL Season 9 – RRQ
  • Champion of MPL Season 10 – ONIC
  • Champion of MPL Season 11 – ONIC
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