Recommended Hero Mage Strongest Mobile Legends Season 28

The Strongest Hero Mage (1)

Mobile Legends has many types of heroes that can be played by players. Lots of players are looking for the strongest hero, one of which is the Mage hero type.

Usually this Mage is used by players as a weapon in poke gameplay from a distance.

It should be noted that this Hero Mage has the skill or ability to poke or deal damage from a distance.

Apart from that, this Hero Mage has skills in killing Minions in a very easy way and in a very short time.

There are several recommended Hero Mage that you can use in Mobile Legends Season 28. Anyone? Let's listen!

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Strongest Hero Mage Recommendation

Of course, when you use this Mage hero you have to use items and a build that can balance the advantages of your Mage hero.

In this article, there are some recommendations for the strongest Mage heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends Season 28. Who's on the list?


The Strongest Hero Mage (2)
Valir (Source: Unipin)

One of the strongest Mage heroes in Mobile Legends Season 28 is Valir. Valir is one of the heroes who entered META.

It is quite a super power if you use it well. He also has quite high damage.

Valir with a very deadly area of effect and a slow effect that he appears when zoning his opponent.

Well, apart from that Valir also has a magic effect from his damage and stun which is very painful.

The Burst Fireball skill will help him release blazing fireballs with great damage and apply stun effects.

It should also be noted, this skill has a very long distance so he has the expertise to poke to take the opponent's HP using his damage.


The Strongest Hero Mage (3)
Xavier (Source:

So, the second strongest Mage hero in Mobile Legends Season 28 is Xavier.

Xavier is also the same as Valir, which has very painful damage to opponents as well as cooldown skills that are super duper fast and the advantage is that he has a crowd control effect.

Dawning Light from his ultimate skill, can help him to deal great damage and lightning-fast attacks.

Mystic Field and Infinite Extension skills can immobilize opponents so they can't move for a few seconds. Cool, right?

This Crowd Control skill from Xavier is perfect for playing in solo game mode. If playing in a team, Xavier can bring your team to win with his large damage area skills.


Strongest Hero Mage (4)
Pharsa (Source: Unipin)

The last strongest Hero Mage that you can use in Mobile Legends Season 28 is Pharsa.

This pharsa is quite popular among Mobile Legends players because it is one of the Hero Mage lists in Ranked mode Mobile Legends.

There are several factors that can make it very popular, one of which is its very painful power and is quite lethal to opponents with its very wide range of skills.

However, Pharsa's obstacle is one of the heroes that is quite difficult to play by newbies, maybe only a few pro players can play it.

But you can try it for those of you who want to use Pharsa as a hero Mage your strongest.

When Pharsa is in the early game, she will guard her mid lane and destroy the minions so she can quickly level up and protect them from various enemy attacks.

Apart from that, he is very easy to kill opponents by using his skill combo.

His Combo Skills are Skill 1 and Skill 2 which are the most used and the ultimate skill he uses.

Of course, Pharsa has a stun effect on opponents so she can avoid them.

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So, those are the three strongest Mage heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends Season 28. You can choose one of them to fight in the Land of Dawn.

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