Tips for Beating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, Use This!

Minecraft has a boss that is quite difficult to beat, namely the Ender Dragon. Minecraft players can get various loot when killing the dragon in The End.

This time, VCGamers will discuss ways and tips on killing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft and getting an award called Free The End. Curious how? Come on, see the tips below!

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Tips on Defeating the Ender Dragon

Here are some tips when you want to kill an Ender Dragon to get valuable loot such as EXP and Dragon Breath in The End.

Prepare Sufficient Materials and Equipment

Prepare to Slay the Ender Dragon
Prepare to Slay the Ender Dragon. YouTube/Eyecraftmc

The equipment you need to bring when facing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft is quite varied. The reason is, the Ender Dragon is quite difficult to beat for beginners.

The following are quite useful equipment when you want to kill the Ender Dragon and get valuable loot:

  • Diamond Pickaxe, Sword, Axe
  • Full Diamond Armor
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Cobblestones
  • Water Buckets
  • Golden Carrots
  • scaffolding
  • Glass Bottles

For equipment like Diamonds Armor, Pickaxe, Sword, Ax, to Bow, it will be better if you have a strong enchantment.

For example, it would be better if you have a Bow with a Power V enchantment which will do more damage.

Apart from that, you need to bring Cobblestone for platforming and Scaffolding to climb the End Crystal inside the fence.

Golden Carrot will of course be very useful for filling hunger so that life or HP will always be filled if it is damaged.

The Glass Bottle will be very useful for taking the Dragon Breath produced by the Ender Dragon. Finally, you can use the Water Bucket to drive away Enderman who might attack.

Before entering The End, sleep next to the portal so you can respawn close to the End and pick up any dropped equipment.

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Destroy End Crystals

End Crystals
End Crystals in The End. YouTube/Eyecraftmc

When entering The End, there will be a pillar that acts as a platform for the End Crystal. You must destroy the End Crystal to prevent the Ender Dragon from regenerating HP.

Destroying the End Crystal you can do by using Bow and Arrow with enchantment from a distance. There are 10 pillars and two of them have fences.

You cannot destroy the End Crystal inside the fence with Bow and Arrow, so you need Scaffolding to climb and destroy the fence with Pickaxe first.

If you are hit by Dragon Breath, then use a Glass Bottle to store the Dragon Breath so you can avoid the resulting damage.

When you destroy the End Crystal, the Ender Dragon will descend and you can immediately kill the Ender Dragon with an Ax or Sword.

Attack the head of the Ender Dragon to deal more damage so the dragon is faster to defeat.

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Using the Bed to Kill the Ender Dragon

Using Beds
Using the Bed to Kill the Ender Dragon. YouTube/Eyecraftmc

Talking about killing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, there are very useful tips to kill it faster.

The tip is to use the Bed when the Ender Dragon is landing in the middle, to be precise on the block Bedrock.

When you want to kill the Ender Dragon with Bed, bring lots of Bed before heading to The End. Bed can be a weapon because when you try to sleep in The End, the Bed will explode and deal damage.

You have to be more patient because the Ender Dragon isn't always in the middle. Therefore, you need to prepare a position in the Bedrock block as shown above.

When the dragon lands, explode Bed and try to hit the head because the damage will be greater.

Using the Bed to kill the final Minecraft boss doesn't require any other weapons like the Bow and Diamond Sword.

This strategy is used by the Speedrunner Minecraft. However, this strategy is quite confusing for beginners because the dragon can kill the player if the tempo of detonating the bed is wrong.

For example, here is a video of a mistake Forsen made when using Bed to kill the Ender Dragon:

Through the video, a Twitch streamer named Forsen loses the tempo when placing Bed on top of Bedrock, so the Ender Dragon manages to push it into the fire and ultimately fails to kill the dragon.

Thus the discussion regarding tips on killing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, I hope this is useful!

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