Everything You Need to Know about Minecraft Enderman

The Enderman is one of the most famous Minecraft mobs. Here are tips and tricks when meeting the mob.
Minecraft Enderman

One of the mobs in the game Minecraft is Enderman. Neutral mobs that are often found in low-light areas are actually not that dangerous.

This time, VCGamers will discuss everything you need to know about the Enderman in the Minecraft game. What are you curious about? Let's look at the discussion about Enderman first below!

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What Is an Enderman in Minecraft?

Minecraft Enderman Gameplay
Minecraft Enderman Gameplay. Source: IGN

The Enderman is a neutral mob that you can find in all the biomes in the Minecraft game. Usually, you'll find an Enderman carrying a block in all biomes.

Even though Enderman are neutral mobs, they will attack the player if a player looks an Enderman directly in the eye. The source of the damage dealt by Enderman comes from his long arms.

Therefore, players must be careful when they encounter Enderman in their journey through all biomes. The reason is, the damage given is quite painful.

If the player manages to kill the Enderman, they can earn Ender Pearls, although not certain.

Based on the game mode you choose, the damage from Enderman will be more painful. When playing in Easy mode, the resulting damage is 4.5 HP.

If playing in Normal mode, damage will reduce 7 HP and Hardcore mode will reduce 10 HP.

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Tips and tricks

Seeing Endermen Firsthand
Seeing Endermen Firsthand. Source: PC Gamers

When you find an Enderman and the equipment they have isn't that good, then avoid looking at them directly.

As a precaution, you can make carved pumpkins and wear them when you find an Enderman.

Using carved pumpkins will prevent the Enderman from looking directly into the player's eyes and they will not attack.

When they are provoked, they will immediately teleport to the player and immediately attack.

In addition, Enderman is also afraid of water so they will avoid water. This is because the Enderman will be damaged when exposed to water, rain, and also fire.

When players are forced to attack Endermen, don't use long-range weapons because they won't work.

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How to Find the Enderman in Minecraft

Minecraft Enderman
Finding the Enderman in the Darkness.

You can find Endermen in all biomes in three dimensions. Minecraft has three dimensions, namely the Overworld or the ordinary world, the Nether or the dimension of hell, and also The End which contains the Ender Dragon.

In the Overworld dimension, they will be present in various places that are not so bright.

Meanwhile, you can find Endermen in the dimension Nether, especially in Warped Forest and Nether Waste. Players can also find Endermen in Soul Sand Valley although they are quite rare to find.

Lastly, The End dimension is a lair of Endermen. Lots of Endermen surround the Ender Dragon and if the player is not careful, the mana of a horde of Endermen will attack the player.

How to Beat the Enderman

Minecraft Enderman Blocks
Minecraft Enderman Holding Block

When fighting the Enderman, you must use the appropriate equipment because the damage from the Enderman is very high and players can be defeated in a few hits.

Seeing that Enderman's weakness is water, then you can bring a bucket filled with water to defend yourself.

After that, you also have to wear full armor from Iron, or better materials like Diamonds.

Use a sword in the form of an Iron Sword or a better sword so that the damage for Enderman is higher.

Fighting the Enderman means you have to pay attention to where the mob will teleport. If the damage you receive is too great, then you have to heal and use a bucket filled with water to protect yourself.

Thus the discussion about the Enderman in Minecraft along with tips and tricks when dealing with this mob.

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