Get to know the Minecraft Boat and How to Make it

Minecraft boats are very useful for transportation purposes and can also be exchanged for Emeralds. The following is the discussion.

As an adventure game, of course Minecraft offers a variety of transportation options, one of which is a boat.

Players can adventure through various kinds of waters such as oceans and rivers by boat.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the use and how to make a boat. Let's look at the discussion about the boat first below!

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Minecraft boat

Example of a Minecraft Boat
Example of a Minecraft Boat. Source: PCGamesN

Boats in Minecraft are very useful vehicles for navigating and traveling through waters.

Players will need a boat to transport and carry various items through aquatic biomes.

Apart from boats, players can also use alternative means of transportation in the form of Bamboo Rafts. Even though they look different, Bamboo Rafts have quite similar functions.

There are various types of boats that you can make or get. The type is based on the type of wood you choose for making the boat.

Before discussing further about how to make and get a boat, let's take a look at the full discussion on the use of the following boats!

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Uses of Minecraft Boats

Chest with Boats
Minecraft Boat Benefits. Source: Screen Rant

The main use of the boat is as a means of transportation for players and mobs. Uniquely, you can bring pets to even monsters on a boat.

Not only for transportation, actually you can also exchange boats with Emeralds. The way to exchange boats for Emeralds is to find a Master-Level Fisherman.

Master-Level Fishermen will always offer Emeralds for a boat. If you are in need of Emerald, then this trade can be very profitable.

However, the required type will vary according to the biome suit that the NPC is wearing. For example, an NPC wearing a savanna outfit will ask for an Acacia boat.

Finally, you can use boats as fuel. The boat will withstand burning six items in a row.

After you know the various types needed to exchange with Emerald, then here's how to make a boat through the Crafting Table.

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How to Make a Minecraft Boat

How to Make a Minecraft Boat
Minecraft Boat Crafting Recipes. Source: YouTube/Stingray Productions

Crafting with all kinds of wood from Minecraft trees. Use the Crafting Table and position the three woods in the bottom row and one each to the right and left of the center.

By placing materials as directed above, you can make a boat. The color of the boat will be affected by wood type that you use in the Crafting Table.

For example, you will get a white boat if you use Birch wood.

Meanwhile, the boat produced from the Crafting Table will be black if you use Dark Oak wood.

Apart from ordinary boat crafting, you can also make boats + chests by placing the boat in the middle and the chest to the left of the center.

A boat with a chest is a boat that has a chest in the passenger seat and functions as a chest as usual.

Thus the discussion about boats in Minecraft, hope this is useful!

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