Listen! This is the Latest Type of COD Mobile Hack 2023

One type of COD Mobile Hack that is often used by players is the speed hack and no recoil. However, it is illegal to use.
Hack COD Mobile
Hack COD Mobile. Source: Youtube.

Playing a smartphone shooting game is not easy. This can be a challenge for some people. You have to use your finger to aim the shot. So many players use the COD Mobile hack to make the game easier.

This may be more difficult for many players than using the mouse. If you want to be more proficient in playing COD Mobile, keep aiming and rotating is the way to go. 

However, many players often want to win in an "easier" way. So, this is where COD Mobile comes into play and is often used by players.

Currently, there are many types of COD Mobile hacks that Vicigers can use. Everything will be explained in the discussion below. Read carefully! 

COD Mobile Hack Types 2023 

The use of cheats in games, especially multiplayer online games such as COD Mobile, is very beneficial for its users. 

Unfortunately, for opponents who feel it, this will have a negative impact, because a game that is supposed to be good and skill-based turns into cheating by other players. 

No Recoil and Unlimited Ammo for M4 

Call Of Dut`y Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile. Source: VCGamers.

One of the difficulties while playing FPS games or Battle Royale is mastering recoil. For those who don't know, recoil is the effect that occurs when the bullet leaves the firearm.

Well, there is a COD Mobile hack that makes the reset armor completely disappear. Undoubtedly, it would be easy for players to make opponents strong. 

Apart from that, there is also an unlimited cheat which is unlimited ammo. You can shoot useless bullets without fear of exploding. The conditions for these two cheats are to use the M4 Assault Rifle and cannot be used for other weapons.

You must have noticed that the weapon you are using is inaccurate because the target vibrates when the weapon is fired. So, by using a simple trick, you will not have this problem anymore. 

In other words, you can shoot enemies with more precision and stability. Like the previous point, this trick can be used on M4 weapons.


Hack COD Mobile
Hack COD Mobile aimbot. Source: Youtube.

Of the many COD Mobile hacks on this list, Aimbot is arguably the most annoying. How not, the players will get some kind of help to make the opponent act correctly without the need for special skills. 

With this trick, even novice players will look like professional players participating in eSports tournaments. Anyway, with this hack you will look better than other players.

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Climbing the Wall 

COD Mobile Landing Locations
Hack COD Mobile. Source: VCGamers.

Another type of COD Mobile hack is the wall climbing trick. As the name implies, with this trick you can easily climb walls like Naruto. 

There's no place you can't reach. Vicigers can also move easily from one place to another. By placing positions in hard-to-reach places, the chance of enemy detection increases. 

Speed Hack 

Error in COD Mobile
In-game speed hacks. Source: VCGamers.

What if you can move at lightning speed, of course the enemy will be difficult to shoot right? This is what will happen if players use this hack. 

Not only increasing the character's speed, this trick is also able to speed up the rate of bullets from weapons. The good thing is that this type of trick is one of the easiest to find. So if you find a player whose movement is really fast, report it! 

It should be noted that for multiplayer games based on high-speed players, the use of cheats is prohibited. The COD Mobile Hack will damage the other players you face in the game. 

Your account can also be banned if you are caught cheating. In addition, game developers will continue to look for ways to get rid of cheaters. 

It is possible that in the next patch the cheats mentioned above will no longer be used. After all, cheating is mostly for fun. 

So try to use tricks without harming other players. Also, you must fully understand that COD Mobile hacks are illegal!

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