Summary of Special Program Honkai Star Rail Update 2.1

Honkai Star Rail Update 2.1

Hello vicigers, in this discussion we will discuss a summary updates at the event livestream Honkai Star Rail for patch 2.1 on March 16, 2024. At the event Honkai Star Rail announced that there will be new characters, new events, new mechanics and a new story of course.

Apart from discussing about updates regarding the Honkai Star Rail Game, developers from Honkai Star Rail were also present to congratulate the players and colleagues who have fought together, because later on April 26 2024 the Honkai Star Rail Game will celebrate its 1 year anniversary and will give prizes in the form of Stellar Jade to the players.

Then a summary of what happened at the event livestream such, and what is the prize anniversary only limited to Stellar Jade? Come on, see the complete discussion below!

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New Characters Acheron, Aventurine and Gallagher

Honkai Star Rail Update 2.1
New Characters Acheron, Aventurine and Gallagher. Source: Youtube/Honkai Star Rail

On updates 2.1 Honkai Star Rail will present 2 5 star characters, namely Acheron and Aventurine, each character has a different role.

Acheron has the Path Nihility role which has Lightning elements, while Aventurine has the Path Preservation role with Imaginary elements and 4 star character which will be released in 2.1 is Gallagher which has Path Abundance with Fire elements.

In phase 1 the character that will be released is Acheron with the Light Cone "Along the Passing Shore" and the rerun character in that phase is Luocha with the Light Cone "Echoes of the Coffin". The 4 star characters in this phase are Gallagher, Pela, and Dan Heng.

In phase 2 the character that will be released is Aventurine with the Light Cone "Inherently Unjust Destiny" and the rerun character is Jing Liu with the Light Cone "I Shall Be My Own Sword". The 4 star characters in this phase are Lynx, Serval, and Luka.

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Introduction of New Boss Aventurine

Introduction of New Boss Aventurine
Introduction of New Boss Aventurine. Source: Youtube/Honkai Star Rail

In patch 2.1, a new boss from Aventurine will appear which will change its appearance and this boss will likely be included in Memory of Chaos (MoC).

New Map Penacony

This map is quite large and when you explore there will be a mission to get new stickers specifically for Penacony, apart from that there will be a new puzzle from Hanu Gang Base.

New Material Trace and New Material Boss

Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Ire, Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Preservation, and Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Abundance will appear to get new materials, namely Scattered Stardust, Raging Heart and Alien Tree Seed.

Three New Events

Movie shooting event: in this event you are required to hit all the obstacles to get buffs and points to reach the finish line.

Vignettes in a cup event: This event requires you to mix drinks according to the mission or customer order. When the order is correct, the points you get will be high. As a prize from this event, apart from Stellar Jade, you will get a free 4 star character.

Tides of War: in this event you are required to fight according to the difficulty level of each available floor.

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New Planars

New Planars
New Planars. Source: Youtube/Honkai Star Rail

Two new planars will be released in Simulated Universe World 9 and these planars are called Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm and Sigonia the Unclaimed Desolation.

New Features

Later, when you pick up materials on your character's assignment, you can pick up all the materials at once.

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Anniversary Event

Honkai Star Rail Update 2.1
Anniversary Event. Source: Youtube/Honkai Star Rail

You will get a free gift of 20x pull and 10x pull on the date anniversary Honkai Star Rail is released on April 26, precisely in phase 2, so the total free pull you get is 30x pull.

3x bonus reward for relics and planars, this event is very suitable for those of you who lack relics and planars for the character you are building.

Top up 2x reset, this update is very profitable for those of you who like to top up in the Honkai Star Rail Game, because if you have previously topped up, this 2x bonus will disappear and in patch 2.1 this 2x bonus will be reset so you will get this bonus again when top up.

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That is a brief discussion of the Honkai Star Rail livestream program. Don't forget to read other articles at VCGamers News!

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