Blacklist vs Echo Stats in Every MLBB Match!

Blacklist vs Echo stats

Blacklist vs echo finally see each other at the party Indonesian M4 Grand Finals. The Blacklist vs Echo stats are definitely what fans are looking for. Considering that the M4 Grand Final will be Echo's revenge against Blacklist in the event MPL PH S10.

These two teams from the Philippines are eternal rivals in their country. Like RRQ Hoshi with Evos Legends. They have often met and scored some interesting statistics during the match.

So, what are the statistics for Blacklist vs Echo so far? Let's look at the discussion below!

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Blacklist vs Echo MPL PH Season 10 stats

Blacklist stats vs Echo MPL PH S10
MPL PH Season 10. Source: SPIN Esports

In the MPL PH Season 10 tournament, Blacklist managed to beat Echo with a good score of 4-2. The match took place with hard struggle from each team.

Game One – Stats Blacklist vs Echo

In the first game, Blacklist International managed to defeat Echo quite quickly and effectively. The first point in the Best of 7 was finally earned by Blacklist International.

While the hero in the first game was won by Wise with his unique strategy. The strategy is to use the hero Valentina for the Jungler role, which is considered capable of causing trouble for the Echo team.

Second Game – Blacklist vs Echo stats

A professional MLBB player whose username is OhMyV33nus was the answer to Echo Esport's revenge in the second game. He uses Valir with the role of Roamer which has proven to be an effective solution to equalize.

Third Game – Blacklist vs Echo stats

In the third game of the MPL PH S10 Grand Final, Echo Esport really played aggressively. The Blacklist vs Echo statistics are even more colorful thanks to the great combination of Grock by Sanford and Melissa by Bennyqt. The third game score was 1-2 to Echo.

Fourth Game

Blacklist prepared a variety of new strategies after the third game. As a result, this fourth game belongs to the Blacklist with a score of 2-2. This winning factor is of course in the hands of Edward with his very GG hero Benedetta.

Fifth Game

In this fifth game, Echo is even more helpless. Hero Valentina Jungler run by Wise is really deadly. Echo's inability to survive in the fifth game made them fall behind the score at 3-2.

Sixth Game

Since the fourth game, Blacklist International has really dominated the game. This made Echo even more intimidated and ended up losing 4-2 to Blacklist International.

Wise is considered to have played a major role in winning consecutive wins in the final games of the MPL PH S10 Grand Final. That's a little discussion about the statistics of Blacklist vs Echo in the Philippines MPL PH S10.

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Blacklist vs Echo Statistics in the M4 Upper Bracket Final

Blacklist vs Echo M4 stats.
Echo vs Blacklist match on M4.

A new history between Blacklist International and Echo is getting etched. They met again to show off at the M4 Upper Bracket Final arena in Jakarta.

However, in that match Echo was unable to cast his revenge. Echo ended up collapsing at the hands of Blacklist International and forced him to fight again in the Lower Bracket.

Even so, Echo managed to overcome tough obstacles while being thrown into the Lower Bracket by defeating RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket final. This victory allowed Echo to get a ticket to fight Blacklist in the Grand Final.

The following is a summary of Blacklist vs Echo statistics in the M4 Upper Bracket Final.

First Games

The first game was won by Echo very efficiently. As a result, the first match with the Best of 5 format was stolen first by Echo.

Second Games

Not wanting to fall further behind and end up getting mentally hit, Blacklist decided to equalize by carrying out an effective direct attack on all of the Echo Turrets. The match went even more competitive with a score of 1-1.

Third Game

Echo really struggled in game three. During the game, both teams looked completely overwhelmed. However, Echo was good at taking advantage of the experience when she lost in the second game, namely by taking advantage of Diggie's weakness by OhMyV33nus.

Thus, the score in the third game was 1-2 for Echo. This third match appointed Bennyqt as the MVP with his hero Karrie.

Fourth Game

This fourth game made the audience enjoy the game with full of tension. The reason is, in this fourth game Blacklist managed to make Echo's mentality even more turbid by equalizing to 2-2!

Fifth Game

In the fifth game of the Upper Bracket Finals, Edwar with his Gloo hero became the main mastermind in which Blacklist made it to the Grand Final. With a KDA score of 3/0/8, he won MVP and is preparing to host Echo again in the Grand Final.

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Blacklist vs Echo stats in M4 Grand Final

M4 ECHO KarlTzy
ECHO KarlTzy on Winning M4

It was in this M4 Grand Final match that Echo succeeded in picking up their revenge mission against the Blacklist team. The reason is, the Echo team didn't half-heartedly embarrass the Blacklist in front of MLBB game fans with a landslide score of 0-4!

In the end, Echo managed to bring home the most prestigious trophy in the world of Mobile Legends, namely M4. They fought hard in four matches with satisfying results. The following is a summary of the statistics for Blacklist vs Echo in the M4 Grand Final.

First Games

Echo played aggressive from the start. They are efficient in finding kills and gold, but also effective in destroying turret missions.

In the end, they won in a relatively short time, which was around 14 minutes. Apart from that, Echo also scored the final score 13 – 4. They also managed to lift Sanji and his hero Yve as the MVP Player in the first game.

Second Games

Once again, the Blacklist was unable to withstand the ferocity of the Echo team. They fell quickly, in about 14 minutes with an elimination score of 20 – 8!.

Bennyqt became the next hero in this second game. His GG game made Blacklist's main turret disintegrate quickly.

Third Game

In this third game, Blacklist seemed to have lost his mind. The Echo team did not hesitate to play consistently aggressively from the first minute until they won in the 14th minute. The score was 0-3 without reply.

Lapu-lapu played by Sanford is the main spearhead in this third game. Sanford managed to show their best performance in achieving their third Echo win and winning the MVP.

Fourth Game

Echo managed to execute their winning game very well. Their Gold Laner, namely Bennyqt, was able to push Echo very well to immediately pick up the title. The reason is, since the 8th minute, Echo has managed to win a gold score.

Blacklist was forced to lose with a landslide score without reply and won the 2nd place title. On the other hand, Echo player, KarlTzy, became a player who won the M Series twice in MLBB.

You might also be curious about the player profiles of each team. The following is a summary of the player profiles of each team.

Blacklist International

Blacklist International Team
Roster Blacklist International.
  • OhMyV33nus with full name Johnmar Villaluna. The role that is usually played is Midlaner.
  • Wise with real name Danerie James Del Rosario. Usually plays the Jungler role.
  • OHEB with Kiel Calvin Soriano as his full name. His favorite role is Gold Laner.
  • Edward or Jay Dadap. He usually plays the EXP Laner role in many matches.
  • Hadji or Salic Alauya Imam. Blacklist talented roamers.
  • Dextar with the real name Dexstar Louise Cruz Alaba who usually plays the Midlaner role.

Echo Esports

ECHO PH roster
ECHO PH Roster for MPL PH S10. Source: ONE Esports
  • KarlTzy is a player who usually plays the role of Jungler Assassin in Echo Esport.
  • Bennyqt as the Gold Laner of the Echo Esport team with his favorite hero, Harith.
  • Sanford is a player with the EXP Lane role with Dyroth's favorite hero.
  • Yawi as Echo Esport's mainstay Roamer with Grock as his favorite hero.
  • Sanji with his favorite hero Yve to fill the Midlaner position.
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Thus the discussion about Blacklist vs Echo statistics in each of their meetings. Stay tuned for further news regarding the Mobile Legends tournament only at VCGamers News. Don't forget to always enjoy attractive promos for Diamond Mobile Legends at VCGamers Marketplace!

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