How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft PE

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft PE

There are various tricks that you can apply to Minecraft PE regarding building a house, one of which is a trick on how to make a secret door.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to make an easy secret door that doesn't require Redstone.

Redstone mechanics can be very confusing and difficult to build, so the method in this article does not use Redstone to make it easier to implement.

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Secret Door in Minecraft PE

Minecraft Pocket Edition Secret Door
Minecraft Pocket Edition Secret Door Example

Secret doors can be an option for players who want to build a dream house. The reason is, the secret door can be access to a room that is also a secret.

What's more, secret doors will be very useful when players play in a servers with multiplayer mode.

By making a secret door, only you know the door and other players won't know what's behind the door.

Therefore, storing various valuable objects will be very useful if you store them in a room that can only be accessed by a secret door.

For example, you can store chests whose contents are the result of mining, such as Netherite Ingots which can only be obtained from the Nether.

Not only that, you will also make your house much nicer because secret doors are very decorative.

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How to Make a Secret Door

Using the Sign for the Secret Door
Using the Sign for the Secret Door. Source: YouTube/RajCraft

How to make a secret door in Minecraft PE is very easy. The materials you need to prepare are paintings, signs, and a number of blocks according to the needs of the door.

The required block and trap door will suit the needs of each door. If players want to make a large secret door, then more blocks and signs will be needed.

The first step you need to do is make a wall with a hole in the middle as a path for a secret door.

After that, place the Sign in the area where there are holes Paint can be put. The sign is not in the form of a block so players can skip it.

You can place a painting on the Sign so you can pass through the painting and the Sign as a secret door.

The method of making this secret door is not complicated because it does not require a redstone mechanism which is quite complicated.

There is a method that uses Redstone to make a secret door, but it will be more complicated especially for beginners.

Using paintings and Signs is very easy and other players might see the painting without knowing that it is a secret door to a room which is also a secret.

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Minecraft PE


Initially, Minecraft PE or Pocket Edition was the mobile version of Minecraft. However, Minecraft PE changed its name to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition then changes again to regular Minecraft for the version mobile.

This change occurred after the Better Together update was released in 2017 for the whole world.

The update then changes the name of Minecraft Bedrock Edition to regular Minecraft for smartphone users.

If you search for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the Play Store or App Store, what appears will be the usual Minecraft.

In conclusion, players can no longer play the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft due to an update called Better Together.

However, players can still play Minecraft on their respective smartphones, only the names have changed.

Thus the discussion on how to make a secret door in Minecraft PE or mobile, hope this is useful!

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